August 21, 2016

North Dakota Reads

My neighboring North Dakota has many authors…it’s also one of the hardest states to fill on my blog so, instead of someone volunteering for the main post, I found this pretty cool website cruising information about the state.
I was pretty impressed and you’ll want to take a look

Welcome to Read North Dakota!
Discover our state's literary heritage and find out about 
upcoming book-related events

North Dakota Literature

The partners of Read North Dakota have researched and evaluated books written in and about North Dakota, but we are eager recognize writers who missed our attention. 

Read North Dakota
418 E. Broadway, Suite 8
Bismarck, ND 58502-2191

 Here’s a call out to all North Dakota Writing Professionals—contact me to fill this spot in 2017.  Have a great day and enjoy the ND view!

(All info downloaded from

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  1. Definitely a state on our list of ones to camp in, someday. The scenery looks gorgeous! Anytime there are mountains, I want to be there!


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