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Sally Murphy: 
Sally Murphy-- a novel about a New York orphan sent on a train to the Midwest and adopted by a preacher.  The story chronicles Sally’s life from chaotic childhood to adulthood while she finds love for a man and stability in herself. Purchase Here 
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Liberty Road: 
Forced into her chaotic life, Ida Keller flees until she stumbles upon Barnhill and Christopher Trapp. Chris Trapp, saloon owner, secretly cherishes Ida.When the man who haunts Ida’s past arrives and threatens her, Chris risks his sheltered life to guard her.  Ida and Chris put aside years of destruction and learn healing in their love for each other. 
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Travis Pass: 
The Eversby’s begin their quest to forge a new life in the west when hardship strikes.
The Kubat’s, armed with only the barest necessities, travel toward the freedom of new America.
Will each family, with so many differences, learn that distance and separation won’t dissolve the unbreakable bonds of freedom and love?       Purchase Here
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Rock Creek: 
When her mother, Belle, is murdered during a barroom brawl, Lindsay’s only chance of survival is to live with her father, Travis Pass. 
Under his care, she learns love and security until Ernie Atkins destroys all that.  Ernie’s evil act forces Lindsay to make choices that affect her life, the life of her fiancĂ©, Luc Fricke, and the life of her unborn child.  With the help of people who live on the shores of Rock Creek, Lindsay learns that love and commitment can turn even the worst of circumstance around.   Purchase Here
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Whiskey Shots Volume 1: 
Brass Star-- Nate Horner rides from his troubled past. Personal exile and tormented regrets forge his path. Can he find solace and forgiveness through friendships from the people of Barnhill? 
Heart Forgotten-- Karlee Dorn tries to forget painful memories of years gone by.
Tom Miller tries to remember a past forgotten.  Can two lost souls bond to forge a new trail together?  Purchase Here
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Albert’s Rain: 
Albert plans to escape slavery until he meets Rayna. When Rayna is attacked by Master Bristol, Albert offers the support of friendship. When Albert’s life is threatened, Rayna forces him to run to save his life.  This story chronicles their flight toward freedom and love and follows the pair as they struggle with life choices that accompany independence.           Purchase Here
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Arpetta Honor: 
Lorenz Arpetta, a prominent attorney, struggles with daily life, an unbalanced wife, and a secret love.
Jane Watson upholds the honor of her duties as a servant in Arpetta Manor, all the while loving a man she will never embrace.
Misfortune brings Jane and Lorenz together.  Is honor and strength enough to bring their love alive? Purchase Here
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Travis Pass MegaBook I:  
Sally Murphy, Liberty Road and Travis Pass compiled into a trilogy at one low online price. Purchase Here
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Travis Pass MegaBook II:  
Rock Creek, Alberts Rain and Arpetta Honor available together as an ebook for one low online price.  Purchase Here
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Viveka’s War: 
A historical romance set during the Depression through the sixties following the struggles of a woman as she uses learned abilities of strength, character and survival choices to build a life of independence. Purchase Here
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Eureka Springs: 
Beginning life in a new direction is harder than Ruth Seidle realizes when hidden secrets surface.  With an obscure past exposed, can Ruth forsake lies for honesty in effort to correct past mistakes?
John Vickers loved one woman.  Tragedy, and an affair uncovered, forces a new path for him.   Can he 
put distrust aside and let another close to his heart? Purchase Here
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Intimate Flames:  
Bradie Carpenter finds herself alone and pregnant after the sudden death of her boyfriend, Grant , sole heir to his family fortune.  How will she move forward for the sake of her child and learn to love and trust    again?   Purchase Here 
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Drive Thru: 
Economics shouldn’t play a part in love. For Marie Packard, fast food worker and single mom, it does.  Will her choice be financial security with debonair, action film star, Ellis Donifan or emotional happiness with Ben Sutter, appealing limousine driver.  Purchase Here
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Respectable Affair:
Between Virginia Seidle’s terrible jaunt with men and Nolan Vickers’s upheld honor toward his institutionalized wife, no one in town openly faulted the pair for banding together to raise Nolan’s son, John.  When love blossoms, would people be as accepting?  
Can Nolan and Virgie put their clouded pasts behind and keep their affair respectable? Purchase Here
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Coming Soon:  
Book Three in the Packard Family Series:  
Going Twice