About This Blog

What started in 2009 thinking of creative ways to promote my work, Fifty Authors from Fifty States was born. 
From my work on other blog sites, I knew blogging took a lot of time and, face it, I honestly just didn't have that much to say. 
I do love to write—as long as ideas come to me, I’ll do it.
I decided to mingle my blog desire, my writing ability and my traveling bug then recruited authors, publishers, book sites—oh heck, anybody who has a connection to the writing industry-from each of the fifty states, to get this great blog.

Now Recruiting for 2019:  Contact Annette thru the contact page on this blog or by visiting her website: Annette's Website Click Here  

For the Blog:
The requirement: Show off the talent across America and incorporate that with where it’s from so readers can get a real-life view of the USA.
The result:  Every week readers get a glimpse of a different part of the country and, at the same time, broaden their horizons by investigating a new genre, an author, publishing house, writing community.

For Book Reviews: 
If you'd like your book reviewed, contact me through the contact tab on this blog or  use my email below. Remember to title your email subject and include any info in the body of the email--attachments are not opened unless requested.

There’s always something fun to discover and  prizes each week to be nabbed. Begining in 2018, there's a new format in store plus a GRAND PRIZE each month.  Follow this blog to stay updated.

Visitors:  if you’ve got any questions or comments, contact me.
Writing Pro’s:  if you’re interested in participating in this project, email me or use the contact tab on this blog.

Thanks so much for stopping by to enjoy this locally guided road trip across the country. Take notes of interesting things not to be missed in each state and, while you visit, support the local writing talent.