January 13, 2019

Arizona Book Store in Tuscon

Antigone Books: 

This is a great looking bookstore that’s owned by 3 generations—and it’s renewable—energy wise—and has some great links to local and renewable sources at the bottom of the homepage.  From the look of the store, its someplace I want to visit when I go to Arizona next time.

One thing—I had to Google the full address. As an out of town person just looking at the website, I had no idea that it was in Tuscon until I investigated.  Note to owners-put the city on the website with the address so my geographically challenged mind knows where to go!

Once in the website, there’s links to all kinds of genres and this one https://www.antigonebooks.com/local-authors goes right to a long list of local Arizona talent.

On February 15, if you click on the events tab, you’ll see they’re having an event that I feel is really current right now in our political climate.  The Author is Leva Jusionyte and if you’re in the area, it might be interesting to attend. Tyler (or whoever else has time to attend)—if you’re reading this and have time, you should go and send me a report. I would definitely attend if I was in the area. 

I know Arizona has lots of writing talent, and great weather and golfing—even though I’m a poor golfer I have done it a couple times. So glad I found this store to highlight out of all the information about Arizona writing.  

This week, click on over to Anigone Books in Tuscon and name drop one author or event from that sight here as a comment to be entered in for the end of the month grand prize.  I’ll need a form of contact in case you win. 

Big thanks to Anigone Books for letting me browse your virtual shelves and write this article.
(All info found at https://www.antigonebooks.com/)

January 6, 2019

Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man by Fannie Flagg, Alabama Native, Actress, Comedian

I’ve always had a fondness for Fannie Flagg…Grew up with her comedy…didn’t know she wrote Fried Green Tomatoes-a great novel.  And now I’ve got other books to add to my 2019 pile and it’s just the first week of 2019.

Anyway, my only volunteer for Alabama dropped last minute due to family issues and I struggled to decide what to do this year if I didn’t have a person to fill.  Last year I did virtual libraries but this year, I’m going to do authors…starting with Fannie Flagg. 
I found this information at Alabama Living.

Fannie Flagg was born Patricia Neal in Birmingham. She is an actress, comedian and author of nine novels, including Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop CafĂ©, Welcome to the World, Baby Girl!, Can’t Wait to Get to Heaven, I Still Dream About You and The Whole Town’s Talking.

The book-jacket copy says: “Here is Fannie Flagg's high-spirited and unabashedly sentimental first novel, the precursor to the bestselling Fried Green Tomatoes at the Whistle Stop Cafe. Taken from the pages of Daisy Fay Harper's journal, this is a coming of age story set in rural Mississippi that is by turns hilarious and touching.”

Downloaded from: Alabama Living

Truman Capote was from Alabama
So was non-fiction writer, Rick Bragg
And there’s a good list at the Alabama Living link above. 

That in mind, visit- Alabama Living and come back here to let me know one author’s name from that site.  Leave that name in a comment to be eligible for the end of month drawing.  Remember to leave a contact link so I can find you if you win.

Thanks for joining me today to start off the new year of 50 Authors from 50 States. 
(All Credit to Alabama Living https://www.al.com –Source: Wil Elrick)

December 30, 2018

Welcome to the Last Post of 2018

I want to thank those who helped make 50 authors from 50 States so successful this year. 

Image result for thankyouFrom John Lindermuth  http://www.jrlindermuth.net , of Pennsylvania who’s post garnered over 870 reads during his week to the authors penning about Arizona, Ken Weene http://www.kennethweene.com , Krista Lynn www.kristallynn.com and Heidi Thomas http://www.heidimthomas.com . Their post gained the most comments.

Thanks to all our readers.  You’re support means a lot to the many people who write, work in writing, publish, photograph and all the other ways creating comes about.  These creators spend a ton of time on getting their passions out and, support for that work makes it all worthwhile.  
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I toast to a great 2018. 

In 2019 we’re looking to continue to build on your support and friendship.  50 Authors from 50 States blog is set for the first post of the year highlighting the State of Alabama.  If you stop over and leave a comment on that post, or any post throughout the year, you’ll be eligible for the end of the month grand prize.  The prize will come from the state with the most comments for that month.  You’ll learn about writing talents who live and work in the USA and you’ll have the opportunity to win awesome prizes like the one from Surf’s Up Candle Company of New Jersey https://surfsupcandle.com  awarded in July.  
As owner of this blog, I appreciate the time you take out of your day to join us and support those who make this blog happen and I’m looking forward to 2019.  I really don’t have a plan for 2019 besides making it from one day to the next and maybe dinner at a new place I haven’t been to about half hour from my house.  I’m not a great goal setter so I figure those might be easy to achieve.  I’d like to get my bathroom painted.  I’m not much of a painter either. 

My goal last year was to pay off the debt left from having husband’s knee replaced and covering the cost that our insurance didn’t.  We’re lucky we have insurance and my wish for you, in 2019, is so you will have MANY fortunate things.  

Check back right here 1/7/2019 for the first post of the year.  Follow the blog for notifications when that post goes up so you won’t miss the chance to read more about every state and I wish you, on top of fortunate things, happiness, health and love for 2019.

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                                                             Annette Snyder

December 16, 2018

Check Right Here for More Information on This Blog in 2019

50 Authors from 50 States Blog wishes all of you a festive upcoming holiday season.  I hope all your holiday shopping is done and under budget- unlike mine.  

We try and give each of our kids a little something each year and, though I voted for snowblowers this year, the prices didn't go down far enough to buy four.  I'll watch, like I did last year, at the end of snow season and see what I find.  

I'd love to tell you what we did get the kids this year but we won't be celebrating until next weekend and some of my kids read this blog!  

If you're traveling, like one of my granddaughters is this week, I hope you have safe travels. 
If you're staying home, I hope those you love make it over for something festive.
If you're planning relaxing alone time, enjoy.

If you have to work, know that for the first time since I started my job 13 years ago, I'll have 4 days off over the Christmas holiday--a rare treat for me.  Usually, I try and let others have those days and I work.  Sorry you're not off.  I'd buy you a beverage if I could for your efforts.  In fact, if you leave a comment here this week, on this post and let me know if you've got to work on Christmas, I might just pick your name and send you a treat from 50 Authors from 50 States blog. Remember to leave a form of contact so I can find you if you're selected.   

Check back here closer to the end of the year to see the exciting things we have in store for next year!  2019 is looking like its going to be a great year!