January 1, 2016

Alabamian, Mahala Church Help Writers and Businesses

Mahala Church of Mobile, Alabama is my opening post for 2016.  She’s a writer, editor and writing teacher from that state.  Currently, she’s dealing with something but has agreed that I post from her site.  Please jump over to her website and check it out.
There’s a couple of informational blogs at http://editwriteteach.com  It looks like a great avenue for people who have that story inside waiting to get out or for writers who need the  option of affordable editing services. Check out the site and see if it’s a match for the reader or writer in you. In the meantime, here’s a little from that site. 

Edit – Write – Teach! That is exactly what I do! Edit. Write. Teach. I edit for authors and other businesses. I write for both as well as for myself. I teach the art of writing through Barefoot Writing Academy – online and in person- classes as well as workshops.
I created Written Word fifteen years ago to give writers and small businesses owners the competitive edge. With degrees in nursing and fine arts, I am a published editor, writer, freelancer, and instructor with a love of tea and the ocean and intrigued by the hum and flow of words. I hope you find what you need to assist you within these pages and encourage you to join our newsletter and blogging community.

Barefoot Writing Academy is a division of Written Word and offers creative writing classes for beginning and intermediate authors and entrepreneurs. My primary goal is to motivate authors to infuse their work with excellence, creating words on the page that have value and invite readers to experience the work. Writing with value lets your readers experience the work in a meaningful way.
Today’s heightened social networking bombards writers with sensory overload and a push to get work published regardless of the quality of the material. Writers must decide what they want the reader to see, know, and learn and why those things matter, and then share information clearly. BWA stresses the fundamentals of clear, succinct writing as the quality touchstones to produce successful fiction, non-fiction, technical, and business writing. BWA also teaches the effective writing for blogs and websites that necessitate brevity and clarity.
The second goal in BWA’s classes is to stimulate the imagination and ignite a passion for telling a good story. Writers learn to write with substance, get to know their characters, envision settings, and take readers on a trek across the pages.

For Writers: I offer developmental coaching, substantive editing, copyediting, and general proofreading. I ghostwrite and edit non-fiction and fiction books, short stories, personal essays, digital media posts, bios, ad copy, query letters and synopses, letters, flyers, and brochures. See Written Word Services for a more detailed list.

For Businesses: I work with clients to plan, organize, and produce the documents needed to meet their goals and regulatory requirements, marketing materials, and social media. 

Mahala Church gives writers and businesses the competitive edge. With degrees in nursing and fine arts, she is a published editor, writer, and manager. Church uses her writing skills to pen healthcare articles for websites, blogs, and magazines. She writes and edits for an international group of clients, creating web and blog posts, book reviews, marketing tools, manuals, newsletters, and handbooks. Editing and ghostwriting novels, short stories, and business documents through her company, Written Word, she successfully works with authors and small businesses.

Owner and resident instructor for the Barefoot Writing Academy, Church teaches writing and editing classes, provides private mentoring for authors, and conducts workshops for writers of all ages.

A founding board member of the Emerald Coast Writers, she co-founded the Mobile Writers Guild with Tracy Hurley. Inspired by her love for Southern literature, Church writes from life experience. Sharing her life are family, five spoiled dogs, and a turtle who loves grits.

Due to circumstances, Mahala Church can’t offer a prize.  Please visit her site to send her well wishes.  http://editwriteteach.com

(All info taken from author site and author face book page with permission from Mahala Church)


  1. I agree that the push for fledglings and experienced alike to get published regardless of quality is a huge problem. We need more teachers like her who can set people on a right course. When publishing is right, it's worth all the time in the world. When done in a loose shabby manner, it can end a career before it begins.

  2. Mahala, I can relate to your situation as I am currently dealing with a serious health issue myself. It is very frustrating to have things happen that interfere with our "best laid plans" and I wish you a speedy return to your many "writerly roles" that contribute to the careers of other writers. As a former resident of Alabama who did post-grad work at the U of A, Tuscaloosa, I love your state. My first published novel was set in AL. I hope to know more about your work and you when you are able to communicate. Meanwhile, I send you positive thoughts and prayers that your needs may be met abundantly. Linda Swift, LSwiftR@aol.com

  3. How interesting! I've heard of the Barefoot Writer. Nice to know more about you.
    Good luck and God's Blessings.


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