December 27, 2015

A New Year Already!

January 1st, 2016 begins a new round of posts and prizes from our USA writing professionals.

Writers of various genres, publishers, agents, organizations and more want to show you the best of where they reside and what they do. That’s what you’ll get when you read our articles and posts. 

From Alabama to Wyoming, Fifty Authors from Fifty States is like taking a mini-break without the travel expense and, if you do actually travel to those places, you’ll know the best--the finest authors to read, the businesses and organizations to visit-here's the place to discover what the locals already know. 

Each week, there's a contest available and you’ll up your chance to win  from Fifty Authors from Fifty States participants and the End of the Year Prize I offer just by commenting. View the details in the sidebar or ask JL and Fran.  They won the Grand Prize in 2015.  
Those prizes were from Omaha Steaks, a Nebraska based business.  You only get the chance to win if you comment so, do. 

 First to come, read a post starting on New Year’s Day by Mobile, Alabama resident, Mahala Church, owner and founder of The Written Word.   There isn’t a better way to start your year than with talent and ingenuity.  

Stop here each week for a visit across the USA with the people who write, work and live in America. Better yet, follow this blog. It’s the fastest way to see what’s up and Happy New Year!

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