July 19, 2015

New Hampshire and Summertime!

It’s summertime and the living is fun!  Welcome to New Hampshire.  I’m Nora LeDuc and your tour guide.  New Hampshire has a rich history as one of the original thirteen colonies.  In addition, our beautiful landscape of mountains, oceans, and lifestyle attract many visitors just like you.
So buckle up. We’re on our yearly Road Trip. 

Today we’re headed to the Lakes Region.  As we drive north on interstate 93, look to your left. You’ll spot an unusual sight, the Tilton Arch. This unique structure is made of Concord granite and stands 50 feet tall by 40 feet wide. It took two years to build and sits on a hilltop in Northfield. 

The monument is a memorial to the ancestors of Charles E. Tilton, who was a wealthy resident of the town of Tilton and donated several statues to his neighbors.

If you forgot your sandals or sunscreen, don’t worry. We’ll detour off to the Tilton Outlets where you can take advantage of tax-free shopping. Then we’re off again.  Our first official stop is Lake Ossipee the sixth-largest lake in the state. Noah Cassidy, who you met in my book Gone Before Goodbye, is waiting for us at the public launch. He grew up nearby and will show us the landmarks. Come aboard. 

We have a beautiful day to cruise. The fluffy clouds reflect in the clear blue water. The mountains surround the lake in various hues of green. Scattered along the shore, we view quaint cottages and contemporary homes. Feel like a swim? We’ll anchor for a dip at Long Sands Beach.

Once we’re cool, we’ll say goodbye to Noah and dine at a local restaurant. After, we’ll hurry to catch a free train ride on the Silver Lake Railroad. Yes, free! The train runs entirely on donations and the time of volunteers. Get ready to sit back and enjoy the scenery the conductor loves to point out.
Next, we travel to Center Ossipee for the mead wine tasting.  You’ll find the perfect bottle for a gift. Then we shoot over to the bakery and pick up a snack for the trip home.

As the sun sets over the lake, we’ll slip into our car, tired but happy.  We’ll chat about the good times we shared and contemplate when we can return again to the Granite State.  

 Nora offers: A copy of her latest: Gone Before Goodbye to one lucky winner who leaves a comment.  Nora will draw a name from the list of people who comment.  Please leave contact info.

Nora LeDuc is that author of twelve published novels set in New Hampshire.  Her latest book Gone Before Goodbye is the first in the Love and Mystery in the 6-oh-3 series.  The Devil Wore Sneakers, book two, will be for sale later this summer.  Visit her on Goodreads, Amazon or FB.  Check out all her titles here: http://www.noraleduc.com

(Pictures provided by Nora LeDuc) 


Nora LeDuc said...

Thanks Annette for having me today!! You're blog is great.

Ken Weene said...

I often traveled through New Hampshire as a kid and loved the White Mountains. I was particularly fond of the Old Man of the Mountain, a rock formation that for many looked like an old man, but which, for those who new her, was a great caricature of m mother. When the formation was despoiled by a natural rock slide, it felt like a personal loss. But the rest of the mountain region remains one of my favorite places. While I set my book "Broody New Englander" in Maine, the area involved is only a day's drive from those mountains.

Nora LeDuc said...

Hi Ken,
I enjoyed your story about your mother and the Old Man. People still mourn him. It's a little hard to explain to the kids when they look up at a blank mountain top. Good to meet another New England Author. Stay in touch!! Thanks for coming.

Radine Trees Nehring said...

I've enjoyed visiting New Hampshire in the past--so, thanks for the memories!

traveler said...

Thanks for this most informative and interesting post which I enjoyed very much. When we drove from Montreal years ago, we travelled to Maine, New Hampshire and Vermont. The scenic vistas were incomparable and since this was summertime we relaxed and felt that this vacation was unforgettable and very special.saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

Nora LeDuc said...

Radine, glad I could bring up happy memories for you. Hope you have time to make new ones. Thanks for taking time to write.

Nora LeDuc said...

Dear Traveler,
Sounds like you get to take beautiful trips. I'm glad you made it too New England. Hope you come back soon. Thanks for dropping in.

Marni said...

Our middle son went to Franklin Pierce Law School and we loved going up to NH to visit him, Nora! It's a tiny but lovely state. Now I have friends from HS who retired to Moultonborough and I always make it a stop at their library on a book tour!

Nora LeDuc said...

Yes, great book store and supportive of local authors. You found a treasure, Marni! maybe some day we'll meet there. Hope your son enjoyed the law school. I worked near there.

Fiona McGier said...

Looks like another great state to camp in! Adding it to my mental list. And having characters from your books be the guides for your "tour" was a clever idea. I also like to set my books in places I spend time in, so setting all of your books in a state some haven't been to has to be good for tourism.

Ashlyn Chase said...

Hey, Nora!
I didn't realize Noah's story was set at Lake Ossipy. I had pictured it around North Conway. Oh well. New Hampshire as a state is beautiful all over, and one gorgeous spot is as good as another. LOL. Gone Before Goodbye was a terrific romantic suspense that scared the pants off me! LOL