July 12, 2015

Nevada the Silver State by Mary Jean Kelso

Nevada is famous for its silver ore production beginning in the early 1850s. Miners who left their eastern homes and followed their dream for gold found spots like Gold Hill http://www.goldhillhotel.net/, Virginia City www.visitvirginiacitynv.com, Midas http://www.midasnevada.org/ and Tuscarora http://elko.chamberofcommerce.me/elkochamber/mem_FsTIV.

Mostly they found ore that processed into huge quantities of shiny silver when polished.
Today, silver seems to take second place to gold. Large mining companies open pit mine in remote areas and some places that are no longer considered remote.
Where the terrain went largely undisturbed above ground in the mid to late 1800s, incredible gashes now show along the roadways up the mountain. Gigantic ore trucks rumble through restricted only by the citizens who cling tightly to their desire for peace and quiet in this rural area.
Fortunately, mid the rumble of the mining equipment, these ghost towns of the past still serve the visitors and tourist of today.

Saloons and several restaurants offer food. Motels are available for those who hope to explore these icons of the past. 

An active community, Virginia City now boasts of a live webcam on their website overlooking a section of C Street. http://visitvirginiacitynv.com/about-virginia-city/live-virginia-city-web-cam.html
With its installation, those interested in visiting can see the activity and the weather before leaving the comfort of their own home.

Locals, as well as travelers, enjoy the area whether it is for a quick run up the mountain for dinner or a long awaited visit for out-of-towners.
Events are planned throughout the year to entertain people and allow them to participate. It might well be considered the Parade City as nearly every occasion calls for a celebration and a gathering to stroll down C Street whether it is with Outhouse Races or Veteran’s Day regalia.
If you love a parade, consult the Events Calendar and plan to be on hand when one is scheduled..

Since I live close to these areas I tend to write lightly about the others sites throughout the state. In reality, Nevada is dotted with all sorts of historic sites including Genoa http://www.genoanevada.org/ (Nevada’s first settlement), Tonapah http://tonopahnevada.com/ and Goldfield http://www.goldfieldnevada.org/. Many more abound. Too many to mention them all here.

Lake Tahoe http://visitinglaketahoe.com/, an attraction to pioneer campers, still holds visitors awestruck by its beauty. With plenty of dining locations and other facilities around the entire lake, simply its magical splendor of beauty attracts locals and non-residents alike. It is a place where one can step back and smell the pines.

Currently closed for renovation, the Cal-Neva Resort and Casino on the border of California and Nevada offered the casino scene on the Nevada side in its earlier days. The border of the two states runs through the swimming pool. A line and designation mark identifies which state you are in. Gambling is allowed  in Nevada, not across the border.                        
One of my favorite getaways for a meal has been the restaurant overlooking the water. Hopefully it will reopen soon. It is one place I don’t want to miss when I’m in the North Shore area.
On the other side of the lake, Stateline, a subtle pleasant surprise in Harrah’s Casino is the American River Cafe downstairs. The unusual ambiance is created by tables located amidst trees and alongside running water that flows past creating an outdoor atmosphere that is very pleasant.
You can find nearly any style of accommodations you want in Nevada from camping to luxurious hotels. Whatever your preference, whether it be desert, snowy mountains or waterways, Nevada offers great locations to find what you are looking for to relax and regenerate your life.

In celebration of Nevada, I’m offering copy of my novel, Never Say Goodbye. Comment here for your chance to win.  Please leave your contact info so I can find you.
Mary Jean Kelso is a multi-genre’ author. Her children’s books include: Little Lonnie Long Ears, RV Mouse, Cowboy James, Birds in the Flower Basket, The Christmas Angel, One Family’s Christmas, and The Andy & the Albino Horse Series. Her adult books are: The Lynne Garrett Trilogy, The Homesteader Series, also Kat’s Cradle, Blue Coat, and A Visual History Record of Alamo Defender Gordon Cartwright Jennings’ Family. Several of Mary Jean’s children’s books are available in Braille through Xavier Society for the Blind http://xaviersociety.org/ and The Anna B. Repicky Foundation http://www.annabfoundation.org/
Mary Jean contributes to newspapers and magazines and has received awards from The
Nevada Press Assn. and The National Press Assn. She is a member of the Alamo Defenders
Descendants Association, the Daughters of the Republic of Texas, The Alamo Society, and Made in Nevada
Visit Mary Jean on the web at


  1. For most people Nevada is three places, Las Vegas, Reno, and Lake Tahoe. Too bad for them; the state is quite fascinating, especially the old mining towns. I love Carson City, which is the capital. There is much awesome wilderness and some incredible military installations. Did you know that the U.S. submarine warfare training base is in Nevada? Nowhere near water but very isolated. Anyway, I'm glad to see that somebody appreciates the rest of the silver state.

  2. Sounds really interesting! I did get to travel through some of AZ but never made it to Nevada.

  3. Oops forgot to leave my info just in case - catslady5@aol.com Thanks.

  4. Mary Jean, I enjoyed your blog today. I have lived in Nevada for a time a few years ago due to my husband's power plant consulting work. We lived in Las Vegas and I was pleased to learn there is a whole "other world" besides the famous casinos in that city. I loved the tranquil desert atmosphere and the dry heat, so unlike the humidity we have in our Florida home and our West Kentucky home on the Ohio River as well.
    I see you have one book cover reflecting the Civil War. This is a period I write about so we have this in common. I would love to read this book. I wish you best of luck with all of your books.
    Linda (LSwiftR@aol.com)

  5. Thank you for the interesting info on Virginia City and Tahoe. I've been to the Tahoe area and it's beautiful. Love Reno. During WW2, my dad was stationed at Fallon Naval Air Station in Fallon, NV. My parents used to take me to Reno as an infant. Now, my son lives in Henderson, outside Vegas and my husband and I go to Vegas at least once a year. We don't gamble so we explore and have learned to love Nevada. Great post.


  6. Thanks for this fascinating glimpse into Nevada, your captivating books and writing. Your book sounds lovely and enjoyable. Wishing you happiness and success. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  7. Great article. Been to NV many times. Now I have even more reasons.

  8. I live in gold country with lots of old mines and museums, but I'm in California, not Nevada.

  9. When I was a kid, my family always traveled by car. My dad, being from the Philippines, was always fascinated with the American deserts, so we spent a lot of time traveling in and through Nevada. He also liked gambling, so that also took us there. I personally loved the historic places. I still find myself visiting Nevada in recent years but it's all changed. Still, I find lots to explore and now have several great friends living there as well.

  10. I forgot my info too. (sigh) mdkauai@gmail.com

  11. I don't like gambling or crowds, so no Las Vegas for me. And I'm not all that interested in what our family referred to as "hysterical sites." But if there are quiet, natural areas to camp in, then I might have to add Nevada to my list of states to camp in when I get some time. Thanks for sharing.

  12. Great article Mary Jean, and I loved seeing the covers of your latest books. I have only driven through Nebraska, but your article gave me a more personal feel for the state.

    Books for Kids - Skype Author Visits

  13. Always a fan of your books, Mary Jean, and enjoyed your very interesting spotlight on Nevada! Congrats on all your releases and keep up the good work!

  14. I'd love to visit the Cal Neva resort and Virginia City some day. I spent last Thankgiving in Lake Tahoe. Beautiful place!
    Not fond of Vegas.
    Thanks for the article. Not I know new places to go.


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