September 7, 2014

Revisit Oklahoma with Ross Eddy Osborn

Have you ever wondered what one could say that would make you believe they were a flesh ripping werewolf, a fanged tooth, blood sucking vampire, or any such ancient, demon cursed victim? Not much they could say to convince you unless they began to change before your eyes. With this horrifying thought in curious mind, I came up with the shape-changing love story of a beast from another time lost in a new world of love, terror, but the same old rising moon.  Forever Found Forever Lost:
Local doctor is bitten by a werewolf (or so he thinks) and flees his home in Wicca Scotland, by makeshift sailboat, to where Viking legend lends the blessed sun does never sit. Hey, you don’t want to kill or infect anymore innocent souls during your lunar madness, do you?  
Well, the good doctor is found frozen to said sailboat’s wooden tiller, is accidentally thawed out by Alaskan natives, and ravages two famished polar bears that were set to feed on the fleeing Eskimos—who are sure enough superstitious now, having thought the strange sailor from the land of drift wood houses was truly dead….if frozen wide-eyed stiff with the sad frown of a beached whale.
And now, 553 love starved years later, the Eskimo’s demon sawbones will take a commercial jet flight south, unknowingly under the rising moon, to seek out a true moon mate, as well as a substantial medical grant for his anti shock formula, he's been lucky enough to receive funds for from a research center in Greenland.
Talk about a wild ride to hell and back when the beast comes alive at forty thousand feet as two hijackers take over the jet. You’ll understand when Charles Patrick MacHenery sinks his demon claws into one Cajun Beauty, Miss Amada De-la-re.  
My moon beast would take time to visit Oklahoma, if only to partake in famed BBQ ribs and delicious brisket at Leo's Barbecue at the South West corner of 39th and South Kelly, OKC. Strawberry lemonade and glazed over, strawberry desert cake would keep him howling at the moon, day or night.
He might then growl on down to the Cowboy Hall of fame to see exhibits from all over the cowboy world. He might create a little stir at the door, but hey, he paid his nominal admission price.
Y'all come, if you want to see the Okie sights--Rivers, lakes, Down Town Bricktown. We been here for a vacationing while now, too. Howllllllllllll!
Ross Osborn is author of Shape Changing Fiction.  Visit his facebook  to learn more
(All pictures provided by author.  First posted 2011) 

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