August 31, 2014

Patricia Gligor Brings Us Ohio’s Lighthouses

Fairport Harbor Light
Sister Island Lighthouse
South Bass Island Lighthouse

Lighthouses have guided countless sailors safely to shore on moonless, starless nights and through all kinds of inclement weather. I love the history, mystery and romance of lighthouses and their keepers, told in the stories, which have been passed down through the years.
Toledo Harbor Light
When most people think of lighthouses, they think of the ocean but my home state, Ohio, has over a dozen lighthouses along its northern border that rival any on the coasts. 

Please enjoy this pictorial tour along the shores of Lake Erie and out to the northernmost islands of the state for a sampling of the more than a dozen lighthouses Ohio has to offer.

If you’re a lighthouse enthusiast like me, I hope these photos have enticed you to schedule a visit to Ohio.

Patricia Gligor is a Cincinnati native. She enjoys reading mystery/suspense novels, touring and photographing old houses and traveling. 

Mixed Messages, Unfinished Business and Desperate Deeds, the first three novels in her Malone Mystery series, are available at, and B&N.

(all photos provided by author)


  1. Hi, Pat,

    As you know, I'm a big fan of your mystery novels.
    I am, however, surprised to find out that Ohio has lighthouses. Forgive my ignorance. I happen to love lighthouses myself and we have taken the Lighthouse Challenge several times here in NJ in October.

  2. Nice selection, Pat. Probably--like me--many don't think of Ohio in terms of lighthouses.

  3. Beautiful pictures, and who would expect to find these in your area? It sounds to me like you need to write a book involving a lighthouse, and maybe a legend. : )
    Marja McGraw

  4. Thanks for inviting me to be your guest, Annette.

  5. I had no idea Ohio had lighthouses, but it makes sense because of her bordering the lake. And they are beautiful! And if one is haunted, what fun that would be for a story.

  6. Jacqueline, John, Marja and Lesley,
    Thank you all for your comments. Hmm, since two of you suggested I use Ohio's lighthouses in a story, I might just have to do that in a future book. Ohio's northern border is beautiful and the sunsets over Lake Erie are incredible!

  7. My mother-in-law loves lighthouses. She lives just outside Toledo (as we did for forty years), so many of those are quite familiar.

    Thanks for sharing, Pat!

  8. Fantastic idea from McGraw for you to write a book using your lighthouses. Enjoyed article.

  9. Cyndi,
    I've been visiting and photographing lighthouses for years. A vacation without a lighthouse is like a day without sunshine for me. :)

    Laughlincat2, thanks for stopping by. I'm glad you enjoyed my post.

  10. We've toured lighthouses in upper Minnesota, along the north shore of Lake Superior. We've seen them along the eastern coast of Lake Michigan, in the state of Michigan. But We haven't camped in Ohio. A couple of my husband's sisters now live there, though I'm not sure where in relation to the coast of Lake Erie. Maybe we'll have to combine discovering new parks to camp at in Ohio, with some family visits...and go see some lighthouses. Thanks for the photos.

  11. Fiona,
    Ah, another lighthouse lover! I'm sure you'll enjoy Ohio's many lighthouses.

  12. I love lighthouses. I've always wanted to live in one. The photos are charming. Thanks for sharing.

  13. Evelyn,
    There's so much history, mystery and romance surrounding lighthouses. But, from the accounts I've read written by lighthouse keepers, they're a lot of work to maintain.


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