March 2, 2014

Florida Writers Association-FWA

Writing is a journey best shared with others. We all need help along the way—be it with a contrary muse, pesky editing, or getting publishing. Our motto at Florida Writers Association is Writers Helping Writers, and we take it seriously!
We urge all writers to join . . . no matter whether you're just starting, have finished a novel, or have been published. You're invited to experience the member benefits of social networking on the free FWA Network site, attend the annual conference, receive our quarterly magazine and our monthly eNewsletter, and enter our writing contests. 
Find a Writers Group near you (there are over thirty around the state and in North Carolina) and attend monthly meetings and Critique Group meetings. You can strengthen your writing, publish, and get paid. It all starts here   . . . we can help.
Welcome to the wonderful world of Florida Writers Association (over 1,000 members and growing).  is where you’ll find all the info you need to participate in this writing community and links to others

They’ve got something some groups don’t…mini-conferences and membership payable yearly, bi-yearly, etc…so investigate their site to see what’s coming up near you.

(info downloaded from site by Annette Snyder


  1. Life is Florida and life in Hawaii is similar in many respects. However, we have no writing groups on Kauai, the northern-most island. Am imaging quite a few writer's groups abound in Florida and, for sure, I'd be a member of one if I lived there. It's a huge beautiful state. I passed through once on the way to living in Puerto Rico. Of Course, I didn't see much from the airport layover. But my son was once stationed in Ft. Walton Beach on your panhandle. The pictures he sent back were magnificent. White sand beaches, rolling ocean... love it!

  2. It's been five months since I moved away, but I believe I still belong to FWA, although I now live in PHX and belong to AWA. I don't know who wrote this blog, but it was a nice experience when I lived in FL. Multiple chapter events to attend in the Tampa Bay area. Good speakers and contacts. A great way for beginning writers to get their feet wet.

  3. Thanks for the info. I am in a similar writers' group (though it is all women...called Women Who Write) in New Jersey. It offers conferences, multiple critique groups, and most importantly, support for writers of all levels. Being part of a writers' community has been a terrific experience! On a different note, Florida has tremendous diversity from north to south and from east to west. Definitely a fascinating place to visit!


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