January 5, 2014


As an author, I keep up with the local library happenings and attend when I can.  The Hruska Public Library in David City, Nebraska has awesome programs all year and you can check those out here: http://davidcitylibrary.com/drupal
Libraries across the country offer great services for the community and have, as in my experience, stepped up to also offer a sense of community through programs, educational opportunities and gathering for diverse groups.

Here’s a snip of Birmingham, Alabama’s Public Library system.
Birmingham Library Mission, Vision, and Values
The mission of the Birmingham Public Library is to provide the highest quality library service to our citizens for life long learning, cultural enrichment and enjoyment.
The Birmingham Public Library, building on its tradition of excellence and professional leadership, will be indispensable in linking people with the universe of information.
The Birmingham Public Library is committed to:
  • Quality public service.
  • Reading.
  • Valuing and empowering employees.
  • Free and equal access to information and resources.
  • Leadership.
  • Honesty, integrity and responsibility.
  • Embracing diversity.
  • Collaboration and community partnership.
  • Innovation in the delivery of library resources.
View their website here: http://www.bplonline.org/about
If interested, you can donate to The Birmingham Public Library Foundation right at their  site:
The Birmingham Public Library Foundation fundraises to support programming, improve facilities, and purchase equipment that is beyond the library’s annual budget. The Foundation improves access to library resources—books and other reading materials, historical collections, educational programs, and technology—through the generous donations of individuals, foundations and corporations throughout the region. The Foundation believes that increasing the reach of the Birmingham Public Library can substantially improve the lives of Birmingham citizens.

And if you’re not in Alabama, please consider donating to your local library. 


  1. As a retired librarian and teacher, I whole-heartedly support public libraries. They are a community's center for culture.

  2. I am continually amazed at the variety of programs that our public libraries here in Cape May County, NJ, offer our communities. From movies to art classes to writing clubs for kids to cooking classes, there really is something for everyone. And most of them are free or only have a materials fee. People just have to look to discover what's there! Thanks for the great reminder and Happy New Year!

  3. Interesting article and I'm envious. I live on the island of Kauai in Hawaii. To get any books accepted here, we must send them to Honolulu, only to learn that they were or were not accepted. Our local libraries do not have a lot of programs for authors; only if you write children's books or books about Hawaii. The budget being what it is, the libraries are limited in their functions. It would/may be different in Honolulu on another island, but costly to fly back and forth from here. Yes, I love island life, but am paying a price for it. Birmingham libraries seem a venue I would love.

  4. I love our local library. I live in a small town but the library is beautiful and they are always helpful :)

  5. I'm reading "The Dumbest Generation" by Mark Bauerlein. If he's right about the percentage of young adults today who are bibliophobes, I fear for our future. I became an English teacher when a professor said that the foundation of teaching English should be to teach teens how to think. There's nothing more important. If kids are no longer reading for leisure time, they won't ever develop the habits of being able to analyze or think through public issues. Instead the will be living that old joke:
    "What do you think of the current belief that today's young people are ignorant and apathetic?" "I don't know and I don't care."

    Good to hear about libraries that are still providing such an essential service to the community.


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