December 29, 2013

January 2014 Begins a New Year and a New Round from Our USA Writing Professionals

Stop by in 2014 for a visit across America with the writing professionals who live here.

Again this year, the fifty US States are covered by writers of various genres, publishers, agents, organizations and more writing pros who’d love to show you the best of where they reside and what they do.

From Alabama to Wyoming, each state has something awesome to read and see.  Stopping at Fifty Authors from Fifty States is like taking a mini-break without the travel expense and, if you do actually travel to those states, you’ll know the best places to go, the finest authors to read and the businesses and organizations to check out. 

First up, come read a post from Alabama on Sunday 1/5.

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  1. Am learning so much about states and areas across the country, and about the writers from each. This is a magnificent blog and must surely be providing great promotion for the authors who participate. Thanks so much!


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