December 15, 2013

Mississippi Writers Guild

Being a member of Nebraska Writers Guild, I’ve discovered each state has an organization as such.  Here’s a bit about Mississippi’s.  

Mississippi Writers Guild ("MWG" or "The Guild") is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit Mississippi Corporation. Incorporated November 2005, MWG has steadily worked towards building its membership and community involvement in the arts and education within Mississippi.

One of MWG's goals is forming chapters throughout Mississippi with a chapter head spearheading each group according to the needs of the writers in that area.  Chapters meet regularly to network with other writers, share writing experiences, tips, ideas, readings, open mic sessions, and critique groups. Chapters also discuss and plan special programs and workshops for their area. Smaller events can usually be handled by the chapter, but if larger events are sought for an area, such as a book festival or writer retreat with a well-known author, the MWG board helps to implement the program or event and assists in the advertising, funding, etc., to insure a successful event.  
MWG assists in strengthening the skills of writers by sponsoring writer workshops, conferences, and writer retreats. The MWG website provides pertinent information on all facets of the writing life, including publishing, agents, markets, scams, and the craft.

MWG partners with public and private schools to assist in literacy skills and to provide literary outlets, events, and activities for all students.

MWG partners with communities in providing outlets, events, and activities for adults and outreach literacy programs.

MWG partners with local and state art councils and organizations, acting as a voice for literary artists and striving to integrate literary arts into community/state art programs and events.
Link to Mississippi Writers Guild for more information:


  1. Interesting information. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  2. Wonderful to have such a group in a writer's own area. Much can be accomplished to help members advance in their careers. It takes a special person or group of special people to put together, manage and keep alive such an organization. It's a job unto itself, and most groups are run by people already with day jobs. This group must surely be a blessing to writers in Mississippi.

  3. I'm not a writer but it's good to know there are many sources of support and information for the authors I love to read.


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