December 8, 2013

From the Ozarks to the Big City ... Missouri Has It All Plus Monica M. Brinkman

As a person who resided in the California Bay Area for most of my adult life, I never gave much thought to the Midwestern part of the country... that is until I actually found myself moving to the state of Missouri. My first reaction to the new surroundings was a bit of awe as I took in the green, lush hills stretching for miles around me and looking up, I found for the first time in thirty years, I could see clear twinkling stars in the night sky.  
I have come to appreciate the variety of people and the strong history of this state. 

Missouri is one of the few states bordered by eight other states, Iowa, Arkansas, Tennessee, Illinois, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska along with the distinction of having two large rivers, The Mississippi and The Missouri River within its boundaries. You’ll find families riding the many rivers via canoes and rafts and vacationing in their favorite campground during the Spring and Summer months.
Missouri is rich in history particularly that of the Civil War, witnessing more than 1,000 battles fought on its grounds. History buffs can find joy in visiting such places as The Jefferson Barracks nestled along the Mississippi River or the Missouri History Museum, both in the city of St. Louis.

For art lovers, while in the St. Louis area, stop by the St. Louis Art Museum, relocated to Fenton, Mo where you’ll find galleries from African American Art, Native American Art, Art from the 1800’s and many more to satisfy your particular artistic tastes. By the way, admission is free and open to individuals and groups.

I would be amiss if I did not mention Jazz, for it is synonymous with the name Missouri. One museum to check out is The American Jazz Museum in Kansas City. You’ll find inter-active exhibits, films, the Blue Room Jazz Room and the Gem Theatre, a 500 seating performance arts center.

Let’s get to Branson, MO. Once a little known town nestled in the lakeside beauty of The Ozarks, it has grown in popularity to become ‘The Live Music Capital of the World’. Residents and visitors flock to this town, as it is truly a one-of-a-kind family vacation destination and at very affordable pricing.  With more than 50 live performance theaters, three pristine lakes, 12 championship golf courses, an international award-winning theme park, dozens of attractions and museums, an Historic Downtown district, shopping galore, a full range of dining options, and a host of hotels, motels, resorts, RV parks, campgrounds

 I found myself compelled to set my novel, The Turn of the Karmic Wheel, within a city called Raleigh, MO. Don’t allow the title of this fiction novel fool you. It is rich in character, story line and will have you thinking about the tale long after the read.

Monica M. Brinkman lives in Rolla, MO with her husband Richard, five cats and one dog named ‘Harry’.  She writes a column consisting of Op-Ed and true stories of the paranormal called ‘A Touch of Karma’,

You will also find Ms Brinkman hosting the internet talk show, It Mattes Radio, every Thursday evening at 9:00 PM ET. Visit the It Matters Radio web site @

To Commenter’s:  Monica Brinkman is giving away a choice of e-book or paperback of The Turn of the Karmic Wheel and invites anyone to submit to be a guest  on her radio show. She’s created the broadcast to assist talented individual’s gain a bit of exposure.
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  1. Thanks for all this information about Missouri...another state I've never visited. I can't say that it's a state I ever thought about visiting, but after reading your post today, I'm putting it on my 'places to visit' list!

    kareninnc at gmail dot com

  2. I "met" Monica when I put out a call for articles about writing for my writing reference. Monica's article was wonderful and included in the book. I've learned quite a bit about her too. - Monica, your descriptions of Missouri are wonderful!

  3. I have spent too little time in Missouri. I did get to visit Hannibal to pay homage to Mark Twain, but it sounds like I missed a lot.

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  5. Our son David and his children live in Kansas and visit one of the grandmothers in Missouri. Sharon and I visited both states a few years ago and enjoyed ourselves there. And, yes, it is true: how can a state not be beautiful if Monica Brinkman lives in it? Sal

    Posted for Sal by AS

  6. Sure wanted to comment on this one but couldn't get all words in the captchas nor would my nexus get the spoken code. I rarely try to comment on blogger since it isn't compatible with my computers, but tried hard this time. Maybe when I get access to my desk top??? (We are waiting out the ice & snow at our city condo. Desk top computer is at my office.)
    Radine Trees Nehring, 2011 inductee: Arkansas Writers' Hall of Fame
    Sharing the magic of Arkansas in writing

    Posted for by AS

  7. Monica, thanks for sharing Missouri with us. I've only visited St. Louis as I've flown in and out of that city's airport, I did enjoy downtown St. Louis; but, would now love to explore the entire state. ;-)

  8. I've been through Missouri en route elsewhere and have friends/family in the state, yet haven't stopped to visit. You've provided additional incentive, Monica.

  9. Missouri was one of the choices I could have made when I moved away from Fl in Sept. I have family in Lees Summit and in Topeka KS. I chose Arizona instead, but I hope to be in Lees Summit in May so I'll see some of the things you talked about. I did drive cross country through St. Louis. Made the same mistake as Chevy Chase in Family Vacation and nearly screamed in the theater when he got lost on that spaghetti junction of highways around St. L. Nobody stole my tires, though because I ended up in the downtown financial district at rush hour. Never so happy to finally cross the river and see that golden arch disappearing behind me. LOL
    Lots of luck with your books and any future books.

  10. Enjoyed the post. I've been to/through St. Louis four times and it's so beautiful! My most special afternoon was in the Lewis and Clark museum below the arch. I continue to enjoy meeting new authors and learning more about the country. Thanks, Annette, for taking us on another great trip.

  11. This post is a wonderful description of Missouri--I'm glad you included the jazz museum of Kansas City, but I hope you've also been able to enjoy the Nelson Art Gallery, the WWI Museum, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, and other fine venues in Missouri's largest metropolitan area. (Not to mention Kansas City bar-be-que!)It's fun to "meet" a writer from the Eastern side of Missouri through Annette's Blog.

  12. Yes Joyce, there are so many wonderful spots to visit and I thank you for bringing more to the attention of the blog viewers.

    I could have gone on and on of the special places to visit.

  13. My daughter goes to college in south-eastern Illinois and she and friends love to make a day-trip to St. Louis. They've been to the zoo twice (it's free, they said) and really enjoyed it. Since we've been members of Brookfield Zoo since before we had kids, ours really know their way around zoos. If my daughter was impressed, it must really be something! Not a fan of country music or Vegas-style entertainment, so I don't think Branson would be for me. But I love to camp, to commune with nature. I'm sure I'd find some great parks along the rivers. Another state to add to my "must-visit" list. Thanks for sharing.

  14. My wife comes from southeast Missouri, near Poplar Bluff. Beautiful state, great people!

  15. Excellent post, Monica!

    I have friends in Missouri, particularly St. Louis.

  16. thank you all for visiting my blog and sharing your MO experiences. Now off to select a winner of the book. Love to all.


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