September 8, 2013

Penny Lockwood Ehrenkranz – Welcome to Oregon!

Welcome to my state of Oregon. 

I’ve lived in Northwestern Oregon since 1978 when my husband and I moved here.  I’ve also lived in  Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and California. While every state has its own beauty, I have to say I feel fortunate to have found my “forever” home here in Oregon.  I love all the seasons, and in my part of the state, we seldom have to shovel snow!

We live within a couple hours drive of the city of Portland, Mt. Hood, and the coast.  Portland has a wonderful art museum, science museum, and historical museum.  There is a thriving artistic community with many local authors and artists.  Many ethnic and traditional restaurants are found both within the city and the surrounding areas.

We had a custom home built in 1983 when my mother moved from Connecticut to join us and be here for our children as they grew up.  Having extended family around was good for all of us.  Now our daughter and her husband have chosen to live close to us so we are able to spend lots of time with her children.

We live near the beautiful Columbia River where many people enjoy boating, fishing, and other water sports.  On Mt. Hood, skiers and hikers enjoy all the mountain has to offer, including the historic Timberline Lodge. At the coast, we enjoy the communities of Astoria and it’s many historic spots such as the Astoria Column, the Captain George Flavel House, the Columbia River Maritime Museum, and the recently opened Oregon Film Museum featuring films made in Oregon such as The Goonies and Kindergarten Cop. Just down the road is Fort Clatsop, an historic recreation of Lewis and Clark’s camp, complete with exhibitions and staff dressed in period costumes.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we have very tall evergreen trees.  My most recent release, Boo’s Bad Day, a picture book for ages eighteen months to six years, was inspired by these tall trees.
Many years ago, we had a black kitten named Boo.  At that time, we allowed our cats to be inside/outside cats.  When Boo was a teenager, we did have one of our infrequent snow and ice storms.  He managed to be outside when the worst of it struck.  He didn’t come home, and while we were concerned, we weren’t too worried as we assumed he had found a place to hide in a neighbor’s barn.  When he didn’t come back the next day, we went out calling and located him high up in one of our fir trees.  He wouldn’t, or couldn’t, come down.  We called the fire department, but they told us they no longer went into trees to rescue cats.  My husband climbed our fifty-foot ladder, but he was unable to reach poor Boo.  Boo spent another night stuck in the tree.  By morning, his meows were getting weaker and we feared he might fall out of the tree.  We decided to call a friend who worked in construction and was unafraid of heights.  He climbed to the top of the ladder and by stretching was able to  grab Boo. When he got Boo down, we brought the kitty inside.  He curled up in front of the wood stove and wouldn’t leave the house for a week.  In Boo’s Bad Day, a black kitten is stuck in a tree in the winter, but it is not nearly as traumatic and his young owner is able to coax him down. 
Anyone who wants to learn more about Boo and my other books can visit my web site: .  Please feel free to contact me through the contact button.  I love to hear from readers. Also, I feature other authors on my blog at

Boo’s Bad Day can be purchased through the publisher at

In addition to Boo’s Bad Day, I have three romances published by MuseItUP Publishing:  Love Delivery, Lady in Waiting, and Mirror, Mirror.  Please visit the bookstore at

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  1. Interesting post on what must be a beautiful state. What kind of climate do you have? Is it wet like Washington or do you have milder Californian weather?

  2. Another state I've never visited but have always wanted to. I enjoy everything I read about Oregon and know I would enjoy an actual visit. Thanks for your post today.

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    (stumbleupon). I have book marked it for later!

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  4. Charming blog about a lovely state. The coastline is gorgeous. I've considered moving to Eugene, but it rains too much. Your book about Boo sounds delightful and I'm going to check it out for my grandsons.

  5. Once, long ago, Oregon was on the list of states where I thought I might like to live. That hasn't come to pass, but thanks for reminding me of some of the reasons why your state made that list. Best of luck with your writing.

  6. First off, thanks Annette for hosting me today and giving me a chance to share some fun facts about my beautiful state.

    Margaret, we do get rain, but this year has been very dry with lots of sun. We do have some snow in the winter but usually it's rain. It's what keeps our trees green.

    Karen, hope you do get a chance to visit!

  7. While in college I had a roommate from Oregon. He used to tell me about how beautiful the state was. I've never been that far west, but hopefully once the kids are all out of college, we'll someday be able to retire! At that point, I'm keeping a list of the states I want to go camping in, and Oregon is at the top of my list! Thanks for sharing.

  8. Your Oregon is beautiful. For many years, a friend of mine lived in Oregon and I was able to see many pictures, showing much of the beautiful you describe. Your book covers are enticing.

  9. Fran, it seems like it rains less and less in Oregon these days. We're looking at some of the hottest weather we've had coming this week and we went all of July without any rain. My kids and their respective wives and husbands went to U or O, so we've spent a lot of time in Eugene...lovely city. Thanks for wanting to check out Boo's Bad Day for your grandsons.

    JR, thanks for your kind words. I'm always intrigued with how life sends us in different directions for finding our forever homes.

    Mary, glad you've been able to enjoy a bit of Oregon through your friend's photos.

    Fiona, plan to come in August or September, especially if you want to camp. Spring is alive with bulbs, but it can be damp.

  10. Everything I've seen or read about Oregon, it's such a vastly different landscape through the state. I'd love to see it for myself.

  11. Hi William, you're correct. There is everything in Oregon from rocky coast to mountains to high desert. One side of the Cascades is rainy in the winter,while the other has freezing temperatures and snow.

  12. Hi, Penny,

    Thanks for the tour of Oregon! My husband, who has visited several times, keeps telling me we have to get there one day. I'm looking forward to that day! Your book about Boo sounds wonderful. Congratulations!

    Thanks, Annette, for another great blog!

    Amy Reade

  13. Hi, Penny,

    Thanks for the wonderful tour of your state. My husband has visited several times and keeps telling me we I would love it! I look forward to the time I can visit. Congratulations on your Boo story. It sounds great!

    Thanks, Annette, for another fun blog entry!

    Amy Reade

  14. I'd love to visit Oregon. It's beautiful. I love your story of Boo, especially since I have a black cat.

  15. Oregon is such a lovely state. I enjoyed your photos. Best wishes for your writing success.

  16. Penny, what a well-written and entertaining entry--both the info about Oregon and the cute story which led to your children's book, Boo's Bad Day (a book I'll be sure to get for my grandchildren.)
    Annette, your Blog idea has been very successful.

  17. Hi Amy, your husband is correct. You should come for a visit. Oregon is a lovely state. Thank you for your kind words about Boo.

    Hi Cara, thanks for sharing about your black cat. They are my favorite. I can't understand why so many people don't like them.

    Hi Jacqueline, Thank you for stopping to visit. Hope you get a chance to visit some day.

    Hi Joyce, Thanks for stopping to comment and your kind words. I hope your grandchildren enjoy Boo as much as mine have.


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