September 15, 2013

Good Morning Lovely People of the World from Oklahoma…

I’m Penelope Jones A.K.A. Bad Penny! I hail from the great state of Oklahoma, and I write relationship poetry, erotica, and erotic romance. Middle America is how we refer to ourselves here, and you’d be surprised how many erotic romance authors I’ve met from my little state of hospitality.

I mention that because the one thing I’ve always noticed while traveling is people tend to recognize I’m not from their state, either due to my accent, or because I’m way too polite and considerate to be from there. Yes, most of the time manners come with upbringing, but I like to think it’s my hometown values from which I came from, also.

It was the gorgeous scenery and old school values which sent voices echoing in my head to write my first poem and then my first story. Each one has elements of me or my home state built within in some form or fashion. My newest tale is based in a fictitious town called Shagville Heights, but it’s based on a small town south of where I live. Small town lawyer, Joe Switzer runs the town, and Little Miss Notoriety uses the dirty gossip she requisitions as his secretary to blackmail this clients. Throw in some dirty twists and turns, and you have ‘Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety’. 

I have several books that spin from elements of Oklahoma from restaurants, to special trees, and life’s experiences I’ve had here in my lovely, beautiful, and friendly home state. Famous Route 66 runs through the middle of our lovely state, and many diners and restaurants have been featured on Food Networks Diners, Drive-In, and Dives, hosted by the bad boy himself, Guy Ferrari! Like Guy, I’m known as the bad girl but with “nice girl blood running” through her veins. 

Most Okies would do anything to help others out, so in that true spirit of giving Oklahoma style… I want to offer you a signed copy of my poetry book- Iniquitous Solace: The Aftermath! (contest is limited to US residents only, sorry)
What do you need to do to win the book?
Pop over to my blog and find the answer to this question: I’m known as the naughty girl that has what running through her veins? Blog:
Then come back here and comment to win! 

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  1. Thanks for talking about your home state. You are a new-to-me author and I love the sound of your book Adventures of Little Miss Notoriety. Sounds like great fun.

  2. Hi, Penny,

    An interesting blog! Since I also write poetry and romance, I think the two enhance each other.

  3. Love this blog...LOVE your covers. I am also an Oklahoma author, and you did a great job of 'painting' our state. Where in Oklahoma do you live? I'm in Edmond, but my friends and family are mostly in Moore, which is also where I went to school and raised my kids. You are so right about the helping spirit of Okies. That was made abundantly clear during the tornadoes this past spring. Enjoyed your post and I clicked over to your site...lovely!

  4. I enjoyed your blog post and have traveled Route 66 and other parts of Oklahoma. Best wishes on continued success - may it grow!

  5. It's obvious you love your state. I traveled through OK along Route 66 before the interstates when it was still a viable road. Great memories of that trip. I was once in love with a guy from Midwest City. He was half Cherokee. To this day I don't know if I loved him for himself or because he was part Cherokee. He broke my heart, but I don't hold that against OK.

    Waving to Alicia Dean, my awesome editor for one of my books.

  6. You sound like you are having lots of fun in your writing career. I had an auntie that lived in Tulsa most of her life. When I was young, we drove from California to Tulsa. Mom hadn't seen her sister in 30 years. I remember people in Tulsa talking a lot about tornadoes. That scared me then but later I had wanted to go back because I saw a lot of beauty there. Strangely, I've never been able to make the trip. It's nice that authors write about their area in their books, especially when the beauty of the locale and its people is included. Whether serious genre or humorous, we authors have fodder for our books right at home.

  7. Hi, Penelope, nice to meet you. I've not yet been to Oklahoma, but I have to remedy that sooner or later...

  8. Thank you to everyone who read about my super, awesome state! I've moved just recently to the Tulsa area from the middle of the state, Norman, OK. I actually met recently a fellow erotica author here in the area. It's lovely to meet all of you, and to quote "channel 4" where I lived, "Oklahoma... is it a great state, or what?"


  9. P.S. I've been hunting for a job, and crazy busy! But I finally selected a winner, but I need help getting her the book. Alicia Dean (comment above) is the winner, but I don't know how to get a hold of her, so if anyone can help, email me at


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