March 4, 2012

Where the Brave Play-The Peach State of Georgia with J E Cammon

If you ever visit this fair city of Atlanta in search of amazing sights, you would do well to visit Centennial Olympic Park, the Botanical Gardens and the Aquarium. if it’s great food you’re after, there’s a lot of that, too.

One place that gets brought up a lot to out-of-towners is the Varsity. This burger joint is across the way from Georgia Tech and a stone’s throw from the tallest building in the region. It’s famous the world over for its history and its food. Eating in any of the massive, cafeteria-styled rooms, one might see a photograph of a former president greeting the candy-striped workers or a famous musician sinking his teeth into a chili dog with car hops looking on. Tourists flock to the place in droves, so much so that the gift shop is only a hop and skip away from the hundred feet of counter space reserved for placing orders. But just like there are all kinds of burger joints, there are also all kinds of tourists. The Varsity has ample space to accommodate the more traditional type of fun-seeker.

For the non-traditionalist still in the market for a tasty burger, this alien suggests The Vortex. The intimate little burger garden is identified by the massive skull serving as an entrance, and is a fixture of Little Five Points, the home to secret side streets that lead to the kinds of places that hardly anyone knows about but everyone makes reference to in whispers. But tearing away the horrifying exterior reveals a smallish dining area with a friendly wait staff, a hilarious menu, and genuinely well-executed taste sensations.
It’s your choice, really. Both venues have been featured on the Food Network, albeit not on the same show. If it were me, I’d try both and decide which I like better.

Continuing with the theme of alternatives, readers familiar with the supernatural genre, and their well-known denizens the vampire and werewolf, might find something new to savor in my release, Where Shadows Lie: Bay City. While there are lycanthropes and their hunters, vampires and their victims, sorcerers and their mysteries, everything is just a fairy tale bit unrecognizable.

Here’s what a couple reviewers had to say about Where Shadows Lie: Bay City:

“With a balance of poignant moments and plot twists within twists, he gives a ride in his debut novel. In a genre overrun with the need for romance when a vampire is included, the novel is a wonderful change of pace.”

This is a tight narrative, with just enough description to set the scene and mood and no more.”

Available in both paperback and e-book, my debut novel is only the scent of a meal fit for feasting. And don’t forget to keep an eye out for the sequel, Where Shadows Lie: Hunting Grounds, releasing this soon.

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  1. Hi,
    I can see where these places in Georgia inspired your book. I wish I could go try them out. I'll put them on my list of places to some day visit. Let's hope they're so popular they're still in business. Good luck with your books. Thanks,

  2. Another get ride on the blog trip,
    Annette and J.E. I've been to Georgia many times but since I'm not the big city type, I prefer Savannah's historical and more laid back atmosphere. Having said that though, I thoroughly enjoyed taking my two young sons to Braves games way back when. Congratulations on your book!

  3. Love the post. I'm actually in Buford, Ga this weekend visiting a friend. Been to both these burger places. Fun post! Your book sounds awesome. Good luck with your sales!

  4. My biggest Georgia disappointment came on arriving there for the first time on a military assignment. I thought I was leaving winter behind and found it cold and snowing when I landed. Since then, on other visits, Georgia has offer its share of pleasant experiences.
    Best of luck with your writing.

  5. I did see the diner episode on Food Network and could relate to your post. Good luck with your books.

  6. Good luck with your book. Love Georgia! Great state with friendly people and delicious food!
    Dina Rae

  7. Great post. I have always wanted to visit Georgia.
    debby236 at gmail dot com


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