February 26, 2012

A Visit to Florida with Author Jillian Chantal

I’m thrilled to be here this week to tell you a bit about my state. I’ve been a Florida girl for a long time. Though not a native, I consider this great state my home and will probably spend the rest of my days here. Florida is quite an eclectic state. We stretch over many miles and many kinds of terrain. I live in the north west part of the state which is very green and full of live oaks and pine trees. We also have the sugar white sands of the gulf coast beaches up here. Paradise, in other words.

As you move straight across the state from me, if you keep driving about five hours to the Jacksonville area, you’ll reach the Atlantic ocean. Very different indeed from the warm waters of the Gulf of Mexico where I live in Pensacola.  The terrain is more rocky and the waters are much cooler.

South of Jacksonville, you can drive down Interstate 95 all the way to Miami. As you move further south in Florida, we like to say that you go further north. It’s funny how the upper part of the state is more like Alabama and Georgia with most of the people having southern accents. Once you get down more toward the Miami area, a lot of the residents are from the northern states and have moved down to get away from the cold and snow, so you have the northern accents and sensibilities. It is also much more tropical than where I live. Lots of palm trees and not much forest and sadly, a ton of concrete and traffic as it’s the most populous area of Florida.

The middle of the state has a lot of forest and horses. There are a ton of farms and rolling grasslands. It’s quite lovely down that way. And of course, no discussion of the middle of the state would be complete without a mention of the mouse that swallowed the area. The mid section of my state is full of fun and adventure with the Disney parks as well as Universal Studios and Sea World. A veritable cornucopia of things to do. But remember, there is a lot more to us than that.
Florida is a diverse state that I love and I hope you’ll visit. As my state is diverse, I’m also diverse. I write both contemporary romantic suspense and historical romance. I hope you’ll pop by and visit me on the web. I’ve got a new release called Sebastian’s Salvation- the hero in the story is a former Green Beret and the story is a romantic suspense. I’ll give one commenter an e-book copy of it as well as a promo Green Beret rubber duck. Just leave me a comment about what part of Florida you’ve either been to or want to go to. 

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  1. I agree that Florida is a beautiful state and so much fun to visit. I cannot forget that Hemmingway's house is there and the Ringling Brothers Circus Museum.
    I worry about the reticulated pythons that are taking over the wildlife after they found their way out into the environment after Hurricane Andrew. I hope they can get that under control.
    I enjoyed your blog about your state, Jillian. I wish you every success with Sebastian's Salvation.

  2. It's a pleasure to be here to share a bit about my home state.

  3. Sandy TilleyFebruary 26, 2012

    You described our state perfectly!
    As an Alabama escapee, Florida is now my home--forever. It would take a bull dozer to get me out of paradise.
    Keep on writing! Can't wait to read more!

  4. Hi, Jillian--I saw this on FB, although I most often see it when Annette posts about it on the loop. I've only been to Pensacola and all the beaches around there. We have a large group of reletives, there, so our week-long family reunions at one of the beaches have been loads of fun. We talk about seeing the rest of Florida, but just haven't. One day, we will, though! I promise.
    P.S. You can put my name in the hat for that ebook!
    P.S. #2: I have Texas this year.

  5. Thanks for the good wishes, Sarah.

    Yes, Hemingway's house and Key West are awesome as is the Ringling Bros museum. Most of the time, Key West is a circus so they have a lot in common. LOL!

    Yes, the snakes are still an issue.

  6. I've been to Pensacola a couple of times and you're right, a fascinating and beautiful state!

  7. I've been to Pensacola, but only briefly, to visit old friends. I liked St. Augustine for its unique history, and would love to visit Key West.
    Your description of the state made me want to experience more of it.

  8. Sandy, thanks for moving to our neck of the woods. I'm super proud to call you my friend!! I'm writing my head off, babe!

    Celia- glad you caught it on facebook. I didn't know you had relatives here in Pensacola. Next time you head over, I'd love to meet you for a drink or ice cream or something! Can't wait to hear your take on Texas!!

    Pauline- I love that you've been to my little slice of paradise. I love Florida!

  9. Oh, and Pauline, I'm on L&L Dramspell writers loop under my other identity. I wrote a short for one of their anthologys and since it wasn't a romance, it's under my other name.

  10. Diane- I'm glad my description made you want to explore more. That's awesome. St Augustine is lovely. We may be choosing that as the venue of my son's wedding. He's marrying a girl from Palm Beach area and that's 1/2 way from each of their homes.

  11. Being from the Southwest, when I visited my best friend in Tampa I couldn't believe all the trees! Or how green it was. I've toyed with the idea of moving ever since. It was beautiful.

  12. I spent some time in Miami during Mariel boat lift. I helped process the Cuban Haitian refugees. Long time ago. I enjoyed my time there but would love to see your part of the state. It seems beautiful
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  13. Lovely post, Jillian! Florida is as diverse and beautiful as you've described it, and I'm looking forward to spending time there next month at Silken Sands!

  14. Great to find out more about Florida. I confess I've only been to the Disneyworld part, but would love to see more, especially the Everglades, and also the Gulf of Mexico. One day maybe ....

  15. Hi Jillian! I did the week for Arkansas here! :)

    as you know, I love to snowbird in Florida. I'm pretty sure we would live it if it were not for my parents.

    But like you, we wouldn't be native but would love Florida!

  16. Hi I still haven't made to the Keyes but this year made it to Clearwater for the first time. We loved it. There's so much to see and so many different landscapes in Florida to enjoy. Here's to many more visits.

  17. Laurel- You're right. It is beautiful. Glad you enjoyed your time here.

    Debby- that's awesome that you were involved in the Mariel Boat Lift. What a fascinating time that must have been. Come back to our place anytime. We're very welcoming.

    Thanks Runere. Can't wait for our beautiful conference on Pensacola Beach, too! Going to be a blast.

    Paula- you'll have to come back and see the state for sure. The everglades are totally different from the Gulf Coast, but both are magnificent.

    Cyndi- I read your wonderful Arkansas post, it was lovely. It would be super great if you moved to Fla. We'd get in mega trouble.

    Nora- the Keys are great, but Clearwater is pretty spectacular, too.

  18. Wonderful post that left me feeling VERY homesick! I was born and raised in Florida but moved to AZ when I was 15. Talk about a culture shock! Ive visited 33 states, lived in 3, and have to say Florida is the BEST! LOL---did that sound a bit prejudiced?

    Thanks for sharing, Jillian!

    Hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com

  19. I did not know you were L&L! Nice to type to you! :-D

  20. Kari- I bet it was a super culture shock. I moved to Fla when I was 11. Came from northern Virginia and that was a real shocker! I have to agree that Fla is the best.

    Pauline- you, too. I'm Sherry over there.

  21. I just returned from Florida--I love to visit there. I was amazed at the cattle ranches in the northern and central part, just lovely! Boca Raton was our final destination after a cross-country drive from California. Fun!


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