July 3, 2011

Grown in Nebraska Native and Resident-Author Annette Snyder

It took me a long time, but I finally discovered my favorite holiday was Independence Day. Maybe it’s the heat. Anyone who knows me at all knows I’m a winter hater. Mostly The 4th of July is my favorite because of the principle of the holiday. Independence. If I’ve got freedom, what more do I need? Living in a free thinking country, thriving in a community where streets are safe to walk or residing in a home where my phone lines aren’t tapped and no one tells me who, what or when. I know people who feel trapped in situations as those and what they need most is independence.
The free thinking is a big deal for me—though some of my close friends would argue that sometimes I don’t actually think. (And yes, you dweebs, I know you’re reading this and nodding your heads right now but I don’t care!) I used to be a person who let others make decisions for me because I thought it was the right thing to do. I let my past mistakes set the direction for my future and one day I decided that wasn’t the way I wanted to live. I had to start makind decisions for myself or I was going to go insane (Back to my close friends who are now saying, “What do you mean –was going to—aren’t’ you already?’” It’s because I love you and I think for myself that I am the way I am!)
I wrote one of my favorite books, Intimate Flames,  about finding freedom emotionally and physically and it’s set around Independence Day. Intimate Flames was an EPIC Award Finalist for 2011 and the first chapter is available to read for free at http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/  it’s available for purchase right there too.
Part of my personal freedom is the encouragement of my husband, who argues that my friends are right and I am a little off but he loves me and never stands in my way. (I know he secretly worries I might run right through him on my way to wherever if he stands there.) We share a life in Nebraska with our four kids, now grown but still only a few hours away in every direction. They have beautiful families and lives that tell us we’ve done a pretty good job of passing our good traits on.
And our small town? I grew up here so I knew the advantages but, when my husband and I moved here permanently, I worried if it was too small for a city boy. No pizza delivery. No movie theaters. No traffic lights. (How on earth would he know when to stop at an intersection?) If you ever need to know what decision to make when you’re making a big one, throw caution out the window and make a choice and see what happens. That’s what we did and it worked out—high and low points included but generally, a good decision to move someplace even though the nearest grocery store is twenty minutes away. (Running out of diapers or tampons requires neighborhood intervention. And yard art, like my cannon, causes quite the stir.)
And so I write—you can go to my website at http://annettesnyder.atspace.com/  or to my publisher’s site http://www.whiskeycreekpress.com/  or just Google me and I pop right up. Set this blog as a favorite so you’ll be notified all year about other authors from all over the USA who are also celebrating today.
On this Independence Day, be thankful you have the ability to do what you wish because of the sacrifices others have made and that you have personal freedom to think as you wish because of the sacrifices you’ve made for yourself.

And, if you take the time to comment on my post during my spot, I’ll put your name in a hat and pick a winner for one Ebook copy of one of my novels of your choice. Good Luck! 

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  1. Happy Independence Day, Annette! I love that holiday as well, right after Christmas on my list. I'm very patriotic. Even though we live in North Carolina, my husband goes to Nebraska every year (20+ years now) to pheasant hunt. Families in Beaver City and Fairbury put he and his buddies in their basements and consider them family. A while back, the Beaver City folks came to us since their daughters had never seen the ocean. We were delighted to watch them experience the Atlantic. Two years ago, my husband and I drove out to spend a few days in Nebraska and then head on to Yellowstone. I loved the 1950s feel of old long dirt roads and houses far apart. I love the idea of this blog. I hope bloggers will drop by and read something personal about all fifty of our beautiful states. God Bless America!

  2. Glad you moved toward independent thinking...it's especially hard for many women to do. Love the yard art...great cannon. Does it fire on 4th of July? I don't know about living in such a small town, after growing up in NYC. The best thing would be support of your neighbors...it takes a whole village to supply diapers to one wet baby.

  3. Who would dare call a person with a cannon in their yard crazy?
    Thanks for reminding us all to appreciate the freedom we enjoy and honor those who made/make it possible.

  4. For a woman who hates winter, you live in the wrong state. I lived a little over a year in Omaha, Nebraska and, biy oh boy, when I saw winter rolling in again, I headed for Texas. I found the people of Nebraska different in that they're hard to get to know, but when you find a Nebraskan friend. they're your friend for life.
    I'm glad you found your own free voice. Happy Independence Day!!

  5. I HAVE visited Nebraska! My best friend from high school lives there now, near Scotts Bluff.

    Love your yard art! Great post about independence. And congrats on your EPIC finalist book!!

  6. I want one for my yard. It is much better than a well or a light house.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  7. If I didn't have to go to work in the winter, I'd hibernate!

  8. Annette, you have a cannon in your front yard? I'd like to hear how you got it. Is it an antique or replica. I would think it would discourage break ins. Independence Day is unusual as it's about others and our past. Love it.

  9. Nora, the cannon was sitting in the front yard of a house my son rented last year. when he rented, the house had no appliances so I furnished those and when he moved, I traded a used fridge and a 20 yr. old washer and dryer for the cannon. it was original during one of the wars and then during another war, the barrel was melted down. Years ago someone made a new barrel and refurbished the frame with new wheels and such but the wood is still original. I always wanted one of those antique yard ornaments that are very popular around here--farm equipment and such but I never could exactly put my finger on exactly what I wanted until I saw my cannon.

  10. Congratulations Debby! I pulled your name from the hat and you can pick one Download of your choice of on of my novels! email me a s 42 907 @ wind strea m (dot) net w/o spaces so I can get that to you! Thanks for reading!


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