June 26, 2011

Theresa Danley-2011 EPIC Book Award Finalist -and her Beautiful Montana Hi-Line

Montana is known as Big Sky Country, and for good reason, but it sells itself on big land. Just the vast size of the state itself will give you an idea of just how much room is needed to contain all of its land. Its boundaries are stretched by the earth and when it can’t push any further the terrain reaches for the sky, snaring clouds upon its peaks and offering the world those iconic, rugged images that made Montana famous.
For all its eye appeal, there is an often overlooked piece of Montana called the hi-line. It’s a place where the land chooses to stretch rather than reach. It lies below the eye seeking those lofty peaks beyond the western horizon, where the prairie is cultivated but little more subdued. It consists of the excess fabric that land is made of, thrown out in hiccupping hills and nourished by the silty Milk.
The people of the hi-line are a metal-cast community, seared by the furnaces of summer and tempered by the bitter winds of winter. Character is forged in brutal Montana conditions and inherits a boastful dependency upon God and neighbor. Drivers pass within waving distance on two-lane pavement that piggy-backs the old Great Northern rail line. The struggles of reservation life are within reach, colonies are loosely tucked away, and Canadians are extended family.
They are in it together – the land and the people - all encased beneath a big flat sky. They are left to be and readily passed by on the inconspicuous Montana hi-line.
Theresa Danley lives along the hi-line of Montana where she keeps busy raising her family,
riding horses and writing to satisfy her interest in history and archaeology.  Theresa's work in progress is a follow up novel to  award winning Effigy.
More Reviews found on Theresa's website:
"Effigy emerges heads above the plethora of 2012 related literature with a fresh approach…”


“Really a masterful job…An absolute pleasure to read.”
-Gary Val Tenuta, author of THE EZEKIEL CODE


  1. I loved your poetic description of Montana. It is beautiful country there. I admire anyone who can live through the winters--burrr!
    I wish you had posted a list of your books and maybe an excerpt. Archealogic Thrillers sounds so enticing. I wish you every success, Theresa.

  2. Sarah, just click on the title bar and it takes you right to Theresa Danley's site. What a slick bit technology is! {when it works :)}

  3. Thanks for sharing interesting insight on a lesser known piece of Montana.

  4. The photo is beautiful. Thanks for teaching me about the hi-line today. I live in Florida so I can imagine I'd be lost there in the winter- hiding in a well heated place. Lol.

  5. I'm hoping to visit Montana this year, and your story makes it even more enticing. Archeological thrillers sounds intriguing. Off to visit your website.


  6. Theresa It's nice to know that not everything has been taken over by malls and condos. I hope Montana retains it beauty in the future. Nora

  7. You are an amazing writer. Your imagery is beautiful. Thank you for that enticing essay on Montana.

  8. I grew up just south of Montana in Wyoming, so I know the Big Sky Country very well! Lovely description! Thanks for sharing today. :-)

  9. Beautifully written, Theresa. Sure makes me want to visit. I had never heard of the hi-line before.

  10. Thanks so much for sharing. It was beautifully written.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  11. Yay, Montana, my HOME state! I'll always be a Montana girl. Born & raised in the eastern part (middle of nowhere). I now live in WA state, but my heart will always be in Montana.
    Congrats on your Epic award!
    Heidi M. Thomas


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