October 24, 2010

Military Lifestyle Inspires Author Lila Munro

Hi everyone! I’m Lila Munro, writer of contemporary erotic romance. I’d like to thank Annette for allowing me to pirate her space today to talk about myself, about writing, and about my work. I’m very excited to be here.
A little about me: Before I started this writing journey it never occurred to me that anyone would ever care if I drank Coke or Pepsi. It seems if you sell One copy or One million copies, readers want to know your secrets. I’m a native born Missourian, but being married to a marine for the last fourteen years, I’ve lived in a few states, the current being North Carolina. My nest is empty save two dogs and a guinea pig. I’m a voracious reader. I love the aquarium, the museum, the beach, espresso laden caramel frappes, white wine, and all things chocolate. A good hot bubble bath never hurts anything. My story lines take me to some of the most unusual places for research. Most recently those places included a gentlemen’s club and an online field research trip, prompted by a man I met researching clubs, into the underground local leather scene. I did the fast food thingy in high school. I’ve also been a convenience store clerk, cleaned motel rooms, written for a local newspaper, sewed in a garment factory, did telemarketing, dabbled in banking, and worked for a video/audio medium as a vendor representative. I hold two bachelor’s degrees and an associate degree, and have a certificate in pharmacy technology. I’m the Jackette of all trades. Oh wait, Coke—definitely Coke, Zero if available.
I’ve come across so much inspiration living the military lifestyle that I’ve garnered settings to work with I might not have otherwise had. The diversity of people and cultures lends itself to character development. I’ve seen more real life love stories unfold in the most unusual ways than I can probably write about in a lifetime. The most important inspiration I glean from all this is the marine as an alpha hero. I simply love alpha heroes and the more alpha the better. Who better to mold them after than devil dogs that yell OOH-RAH! all day? So, what’s the moral to this little tale? Write what you know. I know the military and what I can’t figure out, I turn to my in-house research center, AKA hubs, for help.
All that being said, I suppose it’s time for me to introduce you to a couple of my alpha heroes on steroids. The Executive Officer’s Wife, my debut novel, released August 10th. Libby Calhoun was born into the military lifestyle and by uncontrollable circumstances finds herself alone and taking care of herself the better part of her life. When her father goes missing in a combat zone, her hero, Chase Wayland, shows up in full-on alpha mode ready to save the day and get the girl.
Also released, Bound by Trust, published through Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid. This story also revolves around a marine hero, Rafe McCarthy. He finds himself neighbor to a grieving war widow, Madi Melbourne. Madi needs schooled in the art of trust and Rafe believes he’s just the man for the job.
I’d like to thank Annette for graciously hosting me and all of you for stopping by. For more information about me and my work, and to follow my blog, please visit me at my website. I’m also found frequently at my communal website with my three muse sisters at Wicked Muses.
I’m also on Facebook under Lila Munro or you can contact me via email as well trough my website. I love to hear from readers.
Pick my work at Whiskey Creek Press-Torrid, Wild Horse Press, Amazon.com and affiliates.

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  1. I'm sure you're varied background provides lots of story resources. Enjoyed reading about you and research, Lila.


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