June 17, 2018

Meet Libby: Montana’s Virtual Library

Montana’s virtual library is probably the easiest electronic library I’ve found so far.  Login, pick your books—however you’d like, check out-done.  It’s a no nonsense site.  If you need a library card, it’s a click.  Search for the perfect read with a click.  I like those kinds of sites.  No adds.  No extra graphics to distract.  Point. Click. Check out.  Read. 

I found no information about who coordinated the virtual library but the list of physical libraries involved looks statewide.   Scroll down all the way to the bottom of the pages and click on Member Libraries.  You’ll find the list plus links to their sites, support and library card links. 

I was impressed, as you will be if you enjoy internet without All That Extra. 

Disclaimer, I also like sites with all that extra but not when I’m looking for a read.  The Montana Virtual Library keeps it all simple, easy…I suppose much like the state. Simple.  Easy. No Nonsense. 
(all info downloaded from https://montana.overdrive.com)

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