June 11, 2017

Authors in Mississippi Have the Benefit of a Great Writers Group

In my search for a Mississippi representative, I came across this beneficial group.

Mississippi Writers Guild ,  Incorporated November 2005, has steadily worked towards building its membership and community involvement in the arts and education within Mississippi.

One of MWG's goals is forming chapters throughout Mississippi with a chapter head spearheading each group according to the needs of the writers in that area.  

Annual membership dues allow MWG Members to link from the MWG website to their personal website,  give membership discounts on all MWG events as well provided scholarships to students pursuing a career in a literary field.

MWG sponsors writer workshops, conferences and writer retreats.

MWG partners with public and private schools to assist in literacy skills and to provide literary outlets, events, and activities for all students. Mississippi Writer Guild also provides outlets in the community with events and activities for adult outreach literacy programs.

They act as a voice for literary artists and striving to integrate literary arts into community/state art programs and events.

http://www.mississippiwritersguild.com/about.html is the place to go to learn more. 

Be sure to check out the information on their upcoming Writers Conference  August 25th and 26th in Jackson, Mississippi.  The list of guest speakers is impressive and, from my experience with writers guilds, the benefits of attending an organized conference by writers are well worth the small conference fee.  
(all material downloaded from http://www.mississippiwritersguild.com)

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