May 21, 2017

The Writer’s Loft, a Unique Writing Group in Massachusetts

My Massachusetts post dropped and my standbys were all swamped with work.  That’s a good thing for a writer.  It’s even better that, in the event of a drop, I get to highlight another writing group so, here’s something unique I discovered on my search.

The Writers’ Loft is a writing community organization located at 20 North Main Street in Sherborn, MA. It’s in a big red building, off of Cemetery Lane, and across from a Walgreens. 

Mission Statement 
The Writers’ Loft is a community which helps local writers foster their creativity, strengthen their spirit and grow professionally by providing them with quiet writing space, educational programs, opportunities to connect with supportive colleagues, and access to industry experts, as well as opportunities to give back to the greater writing community.

About once a month, they hold one social/writing event and one informational workshop with an industry professional. They also have ongoing critique groups and think tanks.  Those are listed under their Groups tab on their website.

When you become a Lofter, you join a community, even if all you do is come to quietly write. Our goal is to provide whatever it is a writer needs to get to the next level. Think about what you can offer to help someone else reach that goal.

Annual membership and quarterly membership are the two levels at which a person can participate or, people can donate at the door.

As of this post, there are five events scheduled thru June of 2017. 
Visit their website for more information.  


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  1. Sounds like a great place! :::checking googlemaps:::

  2. Oh, I could have done MA. Oh well. Maybe I'll check out the Writers Loft. It's very close to where I live.


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