February 19, 2017

Cara Marsi Shares Some Dumb Delaware Laws

I’m a native Delawarean. Some are very proud of that fact and even proclaim it with bumper stickers. I like to say I managed to escape the state twice, but they found me and brought me back. Delaware is the second smallest state, and there are some fine things about it—our world-class beaches; climate that is temperate with no weather extremes; and location, location, location. We’re about a three-hour drive to New York City; a two-hour drive to Washington, DC; and from northern Delaware, where I live, only thirty minutes to center city Philadelphia.

I, and others, have written about Delaware for this blog. I thought I’d do something a little different.

I found some dumb laws on the books in Delaware that I wanted to share. Hopefully, you’ll find them amusing or head-scratching.

Dumb Delaware Laws:

1.       “R” rated movies shall not be shown in drive-in theaters. (There are no drive-in theaters left in Delaware)
2.      It is illegal to fly over any body of water, unless one is carrying sufficient supplies of food and drink. (I guess you need to carry a backpack under your flying cape)
3.      It is illegal to wear pants that are “firm fitting” around the waist. (What?)
4.      Getting married on a dare is grounds for an annulment. (And is a great romance novel trope)
5.      No person shall change clothes in his or her vehicle. (Happens all the time at the beach)
6.      On Halloween, children may only “trick-or-treat” from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, and if Halloween falls on a Sunday, they must “trick-or-treat” on October 30 during this same time interval. (Why? Only applies to Rehoboth Beach)
7.      One may not whisper in church. (Ookay)
8.      No person shall pretend to sleep on a bench on the boardwalk. (But if you’re really sleeping and not pretending, I guess that’s okay)
9.      Changing into or out of a bathing suit in a public restroom is prohibited. (And no one at the beach does that. Yeah, right)
10.  Six-year-old girls may not run around without being fully clothed.(This one is creepy)
11.  Alcohol may not be served in nightclubs if dancing is occurring on the premises at the same time. (This one is broken all the time)
12.  All persons must carry a bag with them at all times when they walk their dog in case said dog “poops”, or risk a $100 fine. (This actually makes sense)
13.  It shall be unlawful for any person to live, dwell, cook, sleep, change clothes or use toilet facilities inside any vehicle within the corporate limits of the Town of Fenwick Island, Delaware. (Whatever)

Delaware is a state located in the Mid-Atlantic and/or Northeastern regions of the United States. It is bordered to the south and west by Maryland, to the northeast by New Jersey, and to the north by Pennsylvania. The state takes its name from Thomas West, 3rd Baron De La Warr, an English nobleman and Virginia's first colonial governor.
Delaware occupies the northeastern portion of the Delmarva Peninsula and is the second smallest, the sixth least populous, but the sixth most densely populated of the 50 United States. (From Wikipedia)

Delaware is only 96 miles from north to south, so you could drive it in two hours, unless it’s a weekend in the summer. Then plan on doubling your time. Being a beach state, most of the residents are at the beach every summer weekend, which makes it more pleasant up north for us non-beach goers. Stores are less crowded and traffic is lighter, and we can get seats at some restaurants without waiting, whereas in the winter, we might have to wait an hour or more to be seated at those same restaurants.

As small as Delaware is, it’s really two states in one. Although Delaware voted against secession during the Civil War, it was considered a border state. Many of its men fought for the Confederacy. Even today, the northernmost part of the state, culturally and politically, is very much a Northeast state. The farther south you travel, the state becomes more southern, until the southernmost part where the beaches are, which is very much like the Deep South. If you’re looking for great beaches, history (Delaware was one of the thirteen original colonies, and the first state to ratify the Constitution), come see us.

An award-winning and eclectic author, Cara Marsi is published in romantic suspense, paranormal romance, and contemporary romance. She loves a good love story, and believes that everyone deserves a second chance at love. Sexy, sweet, thrilling, or magical, Cara’s stories are first and foremost about the love. Treat yourself today, with a taste of romance.

When not traveling or dreaming of traveling, Cara and her husband live on the East Coast of the United States in a house ruled by two spoiled cats who compete for attention.

Cara Marsi gives, to one commenter, an autographed copy of A Catered Romance, her first published book (from Avalon Books under the title A Catered Affair). A Catered Romance is set in Delaware. Be sure to leave a contact link so we can award your winnings!  

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  1. Thanks for having me, Annette!

  2. I'll send this to my sister in Lewes

  3. Delaware laws do make one think . . . and wonder . . . .
    Truth be told, I suspect most states have laws on the books, most made in the distant past, that are a good source of humor today. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Greetings Cara! Love the dumb laws!

    I've never been to Delaware, so thanks for introducing me to your state:)

  5. A delightful and very interesting and informative post which I enjoyed. saubleb(at)gmail(dot)com

  6. I love beaches and the Northeast beaches are the best. What a wonderful and special place. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  7. Prior to the Revolution, Delaware was part of Pennsylvania. We may still share some of those dumb laws. Enjoyed the read. Delaware has both history and beauty in plenty.

  8. It's funny to think of such a small state as having two personalities. I guess that's what happens when you're a border state.

  9. Thanks for sharing some eclectic things about Delaware. Especially the dumb Delaware laws. Only one thing I'm still wondering about, what DID Dela wear????

  10. Hello from your neighbor in Maryland! Love your dumb laws, we have a few as well. Thanks for sharing!

  11. Thanks, everyone, for commenting. Delaware was once part of Pennsylvania. Up north, we still feel as if we belong to PA. LOL, Nancy, yes I remember that song, "What did Dela wear?"


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