July 10, 2016

Get Your Nevada Passport Ready to Travel

Living in Nevada is an inspiration for me that has contributed to my writing twenty-five books in the past thirteen years.  Visiting Nevada can be an inspiration for your writing and your life, too.

I live in a small town between Reno and Fallon. There is a lot of history in the surrounding area. These locations, historical events and local activities serve as backdrops for my novels and children’s books. Most recently released, THE LOVE HE LEFT BEHIND, is set, basically, in my own backyard during the late 1800s.
So, grab your Nevada Passport and come along for adventure, antiquity and “a step back in time,” as they say in Virginia City.

Yes, the state of Nevada does have its own passport.  Connected to stays in state parks throughout the state, the passport can be stamped at each park along your route. With fifteen stamps from different state parks collected within the booklet, you earn one free annual pass to all Nevada State Parks. (For a preview of the parks, go to their website:  http://parks.nv.gov/?s=Lahonton+State+Park)

What route would you take?

How about following the Pony Express route on U.S. Highway 50, also known as The Loneliest Road in America and The Lincoln Highway, it offers an historical and romantic touring route with an opportunity to gather a Passport stamp at Lahontan Reservoir Recreation Area near Fallon, Nevada.

While the Pony Express Route is marked, and celebrated with a reenactment each year, there are a lot of other things to do in the area as well.

The California Trail for pioneers runs by the edge of my town. Considered the “Swales” to locals, one can still see wagon ruts in the sand.

Near Fallon is a marker designating the spot where pioneers came out of the Forty- Mile Desert to the Carson River at what was once known as Rag Town. Weary from the trek through the desert, those that survived replenished their water supplies and washed their clothes at the river, laying the pieces to dry on sagebrush and bushes. Thus, the original name for the location.

Nearby is also Naval Air Station, Fallon and the town of Fallon in the heart of the Oasis of Nevada and the home of  Hearts of Gold Cantaloupe. Fallon, by the way, holds its annual Cantaloupe Festival and Country Fair over Labor Day weekend.

If you are interested in antiquing while visiting town, be sure to check out Just Country Friends Antiques and Collectibles at 727 West Williams Street (another name for Hwy. 50 where it passes through Fallon). You’ll find some of my children’s hardback books there as well.  

For an excellent lunch, try The Slanted Porch at 310 S. Taylor Street. Of course, almost all favorite fast foods and ethnic foods are available nearby -- as are casinos with restaurants.

If you’re looking to stock up with fresh Certified Organic produce I recommend  Lattin Farms, 1955 McLean Rd, where you can buy direct from the grower. Their small restaurant on the premises makes a great hamburger. The bakery is on location across from the restaurant with wholesome goods available. In the Fall the farm offers a corn maze to wander through as well as a pumpkin patch. http://www.lattinfarms.com/

I’ve listed only a few of my favorite places here. In reality, there is something for everyone traveling along U. S. Highway 50 no matter what the season.

Oh, and be sure to take a good book along to read in any spare time you can find!

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  1. I'll be driving through Nevada in a couple months, and your post is going to be amongst my guidebooks. Thank you. I enjoyed reading.

  2. Hi, Mary Jean! Great post. I used to live in Reno and hope to get there this summer or fall (researching a thriller with a historical thread set in the area). I'll order your book when I wrap this up!

  3. Your post was fascinating. All the history and sites which interest me greatly.

  4. I'm a big fan of history, but I haven't had a chance to get to Nevada. Someday!

  5. Definitely a trip worth taking in the future!
    good luck and God's blessings

    PS: although your book sounds wonderful, please do not add me to the drawing...I have too many to read now.


  6. We were just out in your beautiful state this spring and loved the scenic hiking trails in Red Rock Canyon and would love to return to see the Pony Express reenactment some day! Thanks for sharing some history of your state!

  7. AnonymousJuly 25, 2016

    Thank you, everyone!

    Drawing for book will be held and Annette will announce the winner soon.

    Mary Jean


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