June 5, 2016

Debbie Kump’s Minnesota

Known as the “Land of 10,000 Lakes,” Minnesota possesses more lake and river shoreline than the states of California, Florida, and Hawaii combined. Minnesota is famous as the birthplace of the mighty Mississippi River—its headwaters beginning in Lake Itasca in the central northern part of the state. Minnesota also borders Lake Superior—the largest fresh-water lake in the world by surface area. 

Minnesota offers abundant opportunities for outdoor recreation, from its 76 state parks to the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness in the Superior National Forest to a multitude of city parks and beaches.

When winter settles in, people find avenues for recreation and entertainment both indoors and outside. Nicknamed the “State of Hockey”, Minnesota’s number of indoor ice arenas in our state has boomed since the late 1800s. These arenas serve as a gathering place each winter where the community engages in some of its favorite pastimes: Hockey, Figure Skating, Broomball, Public Skating, and Curling.
In addition, many families clear off sections of ponds and lakes or flood areas of their backyard to make homemade ice rinks for pond hockey. The U.S. Pond Hockey Championships is hosted at Lake Nokomis in Minneapolis each year with teams simultaneously competing on more than two-dozen outdoor rinks. With the popularity of skating and convenient access to rinks, it’s no wonder Minnesota produces the most NHL players who are born in the U.S.

Many Minnesotans enjoy passing our long winters at the Mall of America in Bloomington, the second largest mall in the United States. An entire amusement park resides in its center, complete with roller coasters, log flume, carousel, Ferris wheel, and even a zipline. Still others prefer to snowshoe, snowmobile, or erect portable icehouses across frozen lakes for ice fishing. Minnesota also attracts dogsled enthusiasts to the Beargrease Sled Dog Marathon in Duluth on the North Shore of Lake Superior. Although my three Siberian huskies will never compete in a race, they love to pull us through the neighborhood in the fresh snow, singing with anticipation when we set out their harnesses and hook them up to their sled.

Despite our proximity to the Twin Cities, wildlife abounds in Minnesota’s suburbs. We often see foxes, white-tailed deer, coyotes, loons, and turkeys in our community parks and neighborhoods and regularly spot bald eagles soaring overhead. The bald eagle has made a strong comeback since its decline in the early 1970s. Together, Minnesota and Wisconsin are now home to the largest population of nesting pairs of bald eagles in the lower 48 states. The dramatic changes in weather and encounters with wildlife provided the inspiration for two of my Minnesota-based novels: Exiled to the North and Disappearances.

I hope you will enjoy the natural beauty and opportunities for outdoor recreation on your next visit to Minnesota.

Debbie Kump is the author of EXILED TO THE NORTH from Start Publishing plus the 7G Apocalyptic Thriller Series and the Middle-Grade Fiction, TRANSFORMED and DISAPPEARANCES, from World Castle Publishing. Her new Young Adult Fantasy/Suspense trilogy, THE ELEMENTALS, is scheduled for release later this year from World Castle Publishing. Debbie also teaches high school science and enjoys coaching her sons’ hockey and lacrosse teams.

For more information, please visit Debbie’s website: http://sites.google.com/site/debbiekumpbooks  
This week, Debbie will be offering a free pdf copy of each of her Minnesota-based novels: Exiled to the North and Disappearances.


  1. Debbie, enjoyed this. We have four Grands in Bloomington, just south of Minneapolis, and all four play hockey and lacrosse. We were just there for our spring visit and took prom photos of our oldest, graduating senior at Lake Harriet. I just can't visit any more in winter! Too cold, but that family are so used to it and take it in stride!!

  2. I now live in Minnesota and you showed me a few things I didn't know. Thank you so much for sharing the beauty of Minnesota!

  3. Remember especially the Boundary Waters Canoe area--John and I were camping, and trying to paddle our blow-up "canoe" in sync. We mastered going in circles quite well. But, what beautiful lakes.

  4. Debby, Minnesota sounds ideal for a summer visit. But, with your winters, I'd definitely have to hibernate. Never been a fan of winter.

  5. My long-time roommate is from Minnesota but I never learned as much from him as you have talked about here. I didn't know the Mall of America had become 2nd largest in the nation. What's the largest now? Too, what I wouldn't give to be there to photograph some bald eagles. Minnesota sounds like an all-around place for both writers and photographers.

  6. My sister in law is from Minnesota and I've always wanted to visit the state...maybe someday.
    Good luck and God's blessings.

  7. Thank you so much for stopping by! The winters do get a bit blustery at times, but I've learned to avoid going outside with any exposed flesh on some of those very bitter days :) Over the years, I've found it hard to dislike the cold when my dogs simply love the subzero temps. So glad you've had a chance to visit (and relocate here) to enjoy Minnesota's natural beauty!

  8. I've set my last 3 romance books in Minnesota because I love it there so much. Heading up to Minneapolis for a baby shower for a niece in a couple of weeks. Then we'll be camping again near Grand Marais in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area for a week this summer. That's the exact setting for 2 of my last 3 books. I try to showcase the area, so that the reader falls in love with the area, as well as with the characters.

    I love the pine forests, the clear lakes and the call of the loons. I really miss the call of the loons--it's like an ache in my ears that won't go away until I hear their haunting voices again.

    Not really a fun of winter, but maybe I could learn to be. Now if I can only talk my husband into retiring up there...

  9. Thanks for all of your wonderful comments! I agree...the close proximity of wildlife and beautiful scenery (plus extreme weather) provide exciting settings for stories. Years ago, we rarely saw bald eagles, but now they fly overhead with great regularity. We even have a nesting pair on the lake across the street. I also loved interjecting the eerie common loon's call into my latest supernatural YA fiction set in this state. Hope you have a wonderful start to the summer and thanks again for stopping by!

  10. You make Minnesota sound so beautiful. On my bucket list to visit one day. Glad the huskies are doing well and you are still multi-tasking. You are one energetic woman and such a good writer. Thanks for making the world a better place.


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