January 24, 2016

Arkansas, the Natural State and Home of Lynda Kaye Frazier

I am originally from Pennsylvania and have a love for the outdoors. That is one of the reasons why I chose to live in this amazing state. The other is the fact that their winters are a lot shorter then PA.
One of the things this state has, that my family loves, are all the caves. We love to explore and what better way is to go underground and view nature in its rarest form.
So if you love to wander into cool, dark, damp areas underground, then come to Arkansas and enjoy these amazing caves.  You will not be disappointed.

Onyx Cave is a small cave located about six miles east of Eureka Springs, Arkansas. It has been a tourist attraction since 1893, making it the oldest show cave in Arkansas. 
The cave stays at an average temperature of 57 degrees Fahrenheit year round.
In 1969, some scenes from the B-Movie 'It's Alive' were filmed at Onyx Cave.

Cosmic Cavern is a limestone cave located in north Arkansas, near the town of Berryville, Arkansas. It was discovered in 1845 by a prospector named John Moore, who was searching for lead. It is the "warmest" cave in the Ozarks, having a high humidity holding at a constant 62 degrees year-round.
Cosmic Cavern has two cave lakes reported to be bottomless, since cave divers have never found the bottoms. They are among the largest underground lakes in the Ozarks. The south lake was artificially stocked with trout in the 1920s, and many of the remaining trout have become blind and have lost their pigmentation; however, there are openings to external water bodies, as trout from the cave are occasionally found in nearby surface bodies of water.

 Mystic Caverns and Crystal Dome are caves located between the cities of Jasper and Harrison, Arkansas. Sometimes called "the twin caves" because they are within 400 feet (120 m) of each other, the two caves maintain a year-round temperature of 58 °F, contain more formations per foot than any other caves in Arkansas,[1] and are open for public tours year-round except during the January flooding season.
 Mystic Caverns, which has operated commercially since the late 1920s, is older than any other commercially operated cave in Arkansas, with the exception of Onyx Cave in Eureka Springs, and perhaps nearby Diamond Cave in Jasper, which has been toured since 1925.

Blanchard Springs Caverns is a cave system located in the Ozark–St. Francis National Forest in Stone County in northern Arkansas, 2 miles off Highway 14 a short distance north of Mountain View. The temperature is a constant, year-round 58°F.
 Blanchard Springs Caverns is a three-level cave system, two of which are open for guided tours. The Dripstone Trail runs through the upper level of the caverns and opened in 1973.] The Discovery Trail on the second level opened in 1977 and runs through the middle of the cavern. Also offered is a "Wild Cave" tour which allows access to undeveloped parts of the cave to more adventurous visitors.

I hope you enjoyed some of my favorite parts of this amazing state. Stop by next time and see one of these wonderful caves for yourself.

I am an avid reader of romantic suspense and started her writing career a few years ago.  I work full time at a Cardiology clinic, while writing at night. I grew up in Pennsylvania, but now live in Arkansas where I enjoy the four seasons without a long, cold winter. Other than spending time with my family, my favorite things to do are writing, reading and listening to music, but most favorite is going to the beach. Surf, sand and a good book, my stress relief.

If I knew then

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  1. Thanks for spotlighting "our" caves, Lynda. For all who live in Arkansas and nearby areas I suggest tuning in to Chuck Dovish's Monday evening PBS program, "Exploring Arkansas." 6:30 on AETN and affiliates. He, like Lynda, is an Arkansas Ozarks cave lover. Radine

  2. I enjoyed your blog today, Lynda, and learned something I didn't know about Arkansas. Being from Kentucky, Mammoth Cave country, I loved seeing all these caves today. My daughter has the same name you have, only Linda is spelled without the "y." I wish you much success with your writiing and I'm sure it is a nice change from from what I assume would be a stressful job.

  3. I love a good cave and its dark coolness. Thanks for sharing these interesting destinations.

  4. The caves sounds fascinating. Since I live in NM I have visited Carlsbad Caverns which are magnificent and gigantic. Thanks for your very interesting feature and giveaway. elliotbencan(at)hotmail(dot)com

  5. Thanks for letting me show a small part of why I love Arkansas. This small state is filled with amazing outdoor sites that anyone can enjoy, young or old. : ) Lynda

  6. I've heard so much about Eureka Springs visiting there is on my bucket list.

    Been in/through Arkansas but haven't stayed anywhere...hope to one day though.

    Great post.

    Good luck and God's blessings!

  7. Hi, Lynda. I live near PA but I've never been to Arkansas. Your blog makes me want to go there. Love the pictures of the caves. I had no idea Arkansas had so many caves. I've been to the caverns in Luray, VA, and loved them. Great blog.

  8. I never knew about the caves there. My mother was a young singer/musician eons ago and sang on live radio in Little Rock. She was only 15 then. She told me all she knew about Arkansas but probably never knew about the caves. I spend lots of time helping her find old friends before she passed away. I long to go to Arkansas to try to find them again. The caves do draw me. I love to walk and hike. I can truly understand why you love the climate there. Nothing to really force you to stay indoors.

  9. Oh my, caves! They fascinate and terrify me. I've done a bit of caving, but I have to be really rested and in a good state of mind or...

    Still, what a beautiful place to live. Isn't it interesting how we all seem to find the place we can call home. Doris McCraw/Angela Raines-author

  10. Husband and I love to explore caves! Seems we have to add Arkansas to our list of must-camp-in-states.


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