August 9, 2015

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker-Marianne Stephens

I was born in Brooklyn. I grew up on Long Island. I went to a NY State College in upstate NY. I now live in the Midwest region of the United States.

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

The accent: People can tell I’m from NY once I start talking. When I go “home” to visit family and friends I slip very easily into a stronger accent. And, if visitors from NY come to visit me, same thing happens.
Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

The capitol of New York is Albany, not New York City. Five boroughs of NYC: Brooklyn, Queens, Manhattan, Bronx, Staten Island. I’ve been through the vast area of upstate NY…anyplace north of NYC. I’ve been to Coney Island and the beaches of both the North and South shores (like Jones Beach) of Long Island.

I’ve done all the sightseeing people normally want to see. Been to the United Nations, museums, restaurants, Broadway shows, Wall Street, Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Rockefeller Plaza. I’ve driven over every bridge; gone through every tunnel.
Traveled on the major roads, including the Long Island Expressway. Ridden on the Long Island Railroad and NY subways. Been to the Montauk Point Lighthouse, the farthest point east on Long Island. My grandparents came to the US through Ellis Island, the gateway for immigrants to the US.

The 9/11 site: I saw it the year after the tragedy. My brother-in-law, who worked in a building next to the Towers and was always in them, took my husband and me on a tour of what he saw/went through that day. I haven’t been back to see the new memorial.

And, I’ve traveled through upstate NY. Been to the United States Military Academy at West Point. Visited Niagara Falls (although I’ll admit it is much more impressive from the Canadian side).

For three years, our family lived at West Point while my husband taught Electrical Engineering there. Located on the Hudson River, the academy is rich in history and sites to see.

While at West Point, we went to wine tasting parties at America’s oldest winery: Brotherhood Winery, located in Washingtonville…north of NYC. Love their special “Holiday” wine…a spiced wine just perfect for the Christmas holiday season (and you can warm it)!

NY is host to many sports clubs, and attracts lots of fans. I grew up as a NY Mets fan; one of two baseball teams in the area. I’m still a fan and watch MY team games, regardless of the fact that I live in the Midwest.

Once a New Yorker, always a New Yorker.

So much to see; so many places of interest:

The settings for my books are the Midwest. One book, however, has a heroine who lives in NY moving to the Midwest…and desperately hoping to move back…sort of a reverse Dorothy from Oz! In Gone to the Dogs, my heroine begins to like where she is…and the hero who’s caught her attention!

Hope you find some interesting things to see in New York…and don’t just stay in NYC! Yes, NY is expensive for visitors (and those who live there), but it’s rich in history and wonderful sites to see.

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  1. I too was born in Brooklyn -- Williamsburg section -- where I spent the first ten years of my life. I also lived in upstate Utica, NY, as well as Richmond Hill, NY, before moving in the late 50s to New Jersey.
    When asked where I'm from, I always give them that ubiquitous response, "I'm from New Yawk! Born in good old Brooklyn on Graham Avenue way back in '41.
    I love this article. It takes me back to a wonderful childhood!

    Sal Buttaci

  2. Much of my latest novel, "Times to Try the Soul of Man" is set in New York, which was my home for most of my adult life. As an author, and even earlier as a someday to be author, I had a love for the neighborhoods of New York City, the grungier the better. Now many of my favorites have been gentrified. Alphabet City, which is the primary setting for that novel, was a particular favorite. I loved the way the buildings clung together as if drunks holding one another up; in fact they may not have imbibed, but they were leaning on one another. (Read the book to understand that one.) Lower East Side, Harlem, Brighton Beach, Hells Kitchen: some of the other great places. For a time I was teaching cops – in the precincts if you will. Wow, the South Bronx was cool even if there was a knife fight one evening just as I was leaving. And the neighborhoods of Queens, like Elmhurst and Rosemont. I love New York City in the way a bacterium loves its petri dish.

  3. Thanks, Sal! We never lose that accent, do we? People just KNOW we're from NY - and that's fine!

  4. I haven't been to NYC, although I've been to Niagara Falls. I want to visit NYC some day. There is so much to see. What do you recommend is the best place to stay to see many of the big features (Times Square, A good show, The Today Show, and Rockefeller Plaza)?

  5. I love what you said, "Once a New Yorker always a New Yorker." That's how I've felt no matter when I've lived in the USA. Also born in Bklyn and raised in Coney Island and then the Bronx and then back to Flatbush. Went to Bklyn College. Spent every summer in the Catskill Mts., lived in Yonkers for 5 years and I've been almost everywhere in beautiful NY State. But...we differ hugely...I'm a die-hard Yankees fan, having lived five blocks from the iconic Yankee Stadium for seven years.
    Want a kick about New York? I have two volumes of poetry coming out Aug. 15th from Aquitaine Ltd. and First Footprints is all about growing up New York. Even the cover is the Coney Island Boardwalk - look for the parachute in the distance.
    So when I get excited and say New Yawk, you'll understand perfectly.
    Lots of luck with your writing.

  6. I'm a day late to comment, but I wanted you to know I enjoyed the NY post. I've never been to the state and would love to visit one day and tour all the spots you mentioned. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Marianne, New York is one of my favorite places to visit. I've been to nearly every place you mentioned except for Coney Island, and Northern New York. For 20 plus years I went to New York every year, but with the demise of TWA that visit stopped. Even though I'm a Mid-Westerner I still love New York.

  8. Marianne,

    I enjoyed your post about my home you I grew up in NY but now call the Midwest home. Thanks for bringing back lots of good memories of times spent vacationing at Jones Beach and touring NYC! Best of luck with your writing!


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