April 26, 2015

About Louisiana Boy, Todd~Michael St. Pierre

Louisiana Pride

She is a Lady; Her Treasures I’ve seen…
Steamboats and Bonfires and Creole Cuisine!
Strawberries and Seafood, Sugarcane and Rice,
Mardi Gras, Cotton and Hot Cajun Spice!
Marshlands and Campgrounds, Bayous and Beaches,
Melons, Pecans and don’t forget peaches!
She’s the Belle of the Ball! What else can I say?
She’s magic and music and Cafe au Lait!
Down by the levee near a plantation gate…
Where pirogues drift and festivals wait!
She’s Spanish-Moss Mornings, A place I know well…
A walk by the River, a distant church bell!
She’s Saints and Sinners! Indulgent yet, Divine…
A lot more fun than the other 49!
She’s Zydeco, Gospel, She’s Blues and She’s Jazz…
Just something about her no other state has!
It goes without saying; It’s a feeling inside…
Louisiana MY HOMELAND… Louisiana MY PRIDE!!!

By Todd~Michael St. Pierre
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Todd-Michael St. Pierre, Cajun & Creole Foodie and south Louisiana native, is the author of popular cookbooks, like 1-Taste of Tremé 2-The Southern Po’Boy Cookbook 3-Who Dat Cookin’ & 4-Jambalaya, Crawfish Pie, Filé Gumbo! And of Children’s picture books, including, A Piece of Sky, Aidan and the Anteater, Fat Tuesday, Zinnias & The Crawfish Family Band! He has served as a judge for The Reading Rainbow Young Writers and Illustrators Contest & has developed recipes for Cooking Light magazine. Todd-Michael’s books have been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Advocate, The Times-Picayune, The Denver Post, The Christian Science Monitor, The Daily Meal, Southern Living Magazine, Louisiana Cookin’ Magazine, Country Living Magazine & on AOL Food. He also contributes, as a writer, to elementary & middle-school textbooks published by Oxford University Press. Check out his website www.LouisianaBoy.com
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  1. It is so nice to meet you here today. I enjoyed your lyric poem, Louisianna Pride and as a visitor to your state, agree with your words. I see that you are a diverse author, as I am. At least, we are never bored with our work! I wish you great success with all of your books.

  2. That is the best travelogue poem I've ever read! Each line is a rhythmic invitation to visit Louisiana. When we moved from New Jersey in 2007, we considered a move to one of the parishes there, but in the end we came to Sharon's state of West Virginia. I had been to New Orleans twice on business back in the 1980s and fell in love with the city and the environs. Thanks for the memories in your excellent poem.

  3. Love the food of Louisiana. Cajun, Creole, southern, Naw Orlans, it's all great. Sad that the environmental issues are so serious. Having driven across the state a few times and seen much of it, I must say it is more a place to visit than a place to live, at least to live without hardship. Still, what hardy and determined people live there. Once you're outside of New Orleans, there is a determination that impresses as people cling to old ways and to life on bayous and swamps.

  4. Thanks Linda & Salvatore. I love my French heritage and we're looking forward to New Orleans 300th birthday on May 7th 2018. I've lived in Coloradeaux & in Austin, TX and have visited 47 of our states but this is who I am and where I belong. I have nothing to say to comment 3, just that wherever you live is most assuredly less interesting than my state, it's a writer's dream!


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