December 14, 2014

Bearlodge Writers of Sundance, Wyoming

With Wyoming being a state with many writers, one subject of my personal favorite, the cowboy, and a norm in fiction though there are many other genres written in Wyoming, I have a hard time filling that spot each year.

Here’s a call out to Wyoming residents involved in the writing industry, email me if you’d like to fill the Wyoming blog spot. Until then, I am more than willing to find your talent on my own, which is what I did for the blog this year with the Bearlodge Writers

Bearlodge Writers is open to those who are looking for a serious literary critique group to attend on a regular basis. We welcome all types of writing and writers at all levels. Our literary group welcomes all without regard to sex, religion, race, color, politics, brand of false teeth, and occupations other than writer.

And one member, of the many, I found particularly interesting is:

Patricia Frolander, who says, on her bio page:


I try to balance family, ranching, and writing and have a passion for each of them. My husband, Robert, and I own his family ranch in the Black Hills of Wyoming. Ties to land and livestock have provided a wonderful variety of subjects to journal and pen. Our family includes three children, seven grandchildren, two great-grandchildren, all of whom live close to the ranch. Managing family or ranching is like trying to rope the wind. In Wyoming, the wind is either bringing a storm or ushering in sunshine. I love the changes, although as I age, moderate weather is appreciated.

Winner of:
The prestigious National Cowboy and Western Heritage Museum Wrangler Award 2011
Women Writing the West WILLA Literary Award 2012
High Plains Book Award Winner of Best Woman Poet 2012

You can find info on Patricia Frolander, and links to her work, and links to all the members work at the site for BearLodge Writers   
Definitely worth checking out and, if you’re a Wyoming resident looking for a critique group, worth a look as well.

And here’s some info about Sundance, Wyoming-
Nestled in the western part of the Black Hills, Sundance was established in 1879. Population in 2000 was 1161. Primarily an agricultural community, the population is increasing due to the mineral boom in nearby Campbell County. Its scenic beauty, low taxes, schools and hospital make this a sought-after area in which to live.
If you go to the Bearlodge Writers site, and investigate there, you’ll learn the link to a pretty famous outlaw.

I’m intrigued. That area of the USA is one of my favorites so I might have to take a visit to Sundance on my next trip to that neck of the woods. 

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