May 25, 2014

Metrowest Writer’s Circle of Framingham, Massachusetts

And for Massachusetts, I’ve found this writing and critique group.   As a writer, I’m always looking for ways to improve and this group accepts new members on their writing merit.  That tells me the things I would learn as a Massachusetts writer belonging to this group would be honest reviews from a peer panel—looks like this may be worth checking.
Welcome to the Metrowest Writer's Circle, a writer's group establish in May of 2010 based in Framingham, Massachusetts and dedicated to supporting aspiring novelists, short fiction writers, and poets through disciplined critique sessions. If this sounds like you, we'd love to have you joins us. Currently, we meet on the second Saturday of every month at Framingham Public Library. Each critique session generally lasts about two hours and one or two works are critiqued.
  • MWC runs on an attendance-based system. This means the more meetings you attend, the more likely it is we'll review your work. New members still have ample opportunity to have their work critiqued.
  • The three words that embody our critique process are honesty, respect, and discipline.
  • MWC runs a biannual audit of its membership. Members who have not participated in the group for six months will be removed from the membership unless they request to remain in the group.
  • Despite how serious all these points sound, we're still a fun bunch of people, and have one or two social events a year. Writers need to socialize, too. :)
  • Curious about some of our members? Visit the member link page on our site.
MWC opens its membership biannually for the months of January and June. You may contact us to join the waiting list outside of these periods, and you will be contacted once membership opens again.
Use this link for more information:
Town of Framingham Massachusetts official website:

Framingham Public Library:
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  1. This sounds like a good group for writers with some experience, and maybe a bit intimidating for someone just starting out.

  2. How wonderful that Framingham has this supportive group!

  3. This is nice. It's always good to see different groups and functions spring up for writers. We're a diverse lot. The more groups for authors to get help, the better. Nice to know that Public Libraries are among some of the best opportunities.

  4. For the authors who have the time, this is a wonderful opportunity. For those of us working multiple jobs already, counting down how many hours are REALLY needed of sleep each night, this would be another commitment that might be hard to keep.
    Yes, authors are a diverse group. Some benefit from the support other authors can give. I'm glad there are places like this supported by libraries, since librarians, like authors, live for words.


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