February 9, 2014

Colorado Author’s League----A Writers Group in Colorado

The Colorado Authors’ League was established in 1931 when a group of male writers merged with a group of women writers to form the state’s premier organization for independent writers. Its objectives are to foster the art and craft of authorship, to promote the interests of Colorado writers, to advance the esteem and recognition of its members, and to keep members informed of important publishing trends, changes and events.
As a member of Colorado’s oldest organization for professional writers, CAL members enjoy the camaraderie of writers working in every facet of the writing profession. Members are invited to attend monthly programs featuring writers, editors, agents, publishers and other luminaries providing valuable insights and information. They enjoy the annual Holiday Party and the Spring Banquet. Members receive the CAL newsletter The Inprint and the annual membership directory with names, addresses and phone numbers of CAL members. Members are entitled to apply for the Colorado Authors’ League Writing Awards, grants to aid the writing experience and discounts on certain CAL-sponsored seminars. Additionally, members receive a free web page inside the CAL web site.
In my investigation of this group, Colorado Authors League is integrating screenwriting to their program much like the Nebraska Writers Guild.   There’s also much information on the craft of writing on their website.  Stop by http://coloradoauthors.org and visit
(Info downloaded from site by Annette Snyder  http://annettesnyder.atspace.com)


  1. Hi, Annette,

    Sounds like a good group! I know quite a few Colorado authors through my writer's groups. Seems to be a good state for creative people.

  2. I think it should be a federal law that each state have a writers' group just like Colorado's. Thanks for the interesting post!

  3. I've never been to Colorado, but husband and I both have cousins who live out there. I think the creativity is tied to the natural beauty of the land around them! The mountains, the streams, the forests, etc. As campers, it's one of the states we plan to visit soon.

  4. I believe most states do have some kind of writers organization if not more than one. Nebraska has several. I'm the secretary of Nebraska Writers Guild http://nebraskawriters.org/ is that web address


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