September 29, 2013

North Dakota

I don’t normally post a link to someone’s blog…I’d rather have them stop here at mine but, you have to see this.
 It’s a blog with pictures and real time stories of daily life in North Dakota. She’s a musician, link to her Face Book page from the blog, and he’s a spot on cowboy-hat, horse and all.  They live on a ranch that looks like it came straight from times long past—but in color!    I kid you not, you’re going to get stuck reading about our Northern neighbor and scrolling through vibrant pictures of that quiet state that boarders Canada. 
Take the visual tour of the pages, I did.   I’ve never been that direction North, one of my kids almost moved there once but didn’t.  With this blog, it’s almost like actually visiting. 
Awesome photography, the writing’s fair but descriptive and there are some great pages that really get into the state of North Dakota.  

Please stop by
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  1. Another state I haven't visited. Thanks for posting that link to Jesse's website. Such beautiful pictures...but 48 hours of fall? Geez, and I thought Michigan had a short fall before winter fell! All I can say, it's a place I would love to visit, but I sure wouldn't want to live there!


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