July 13, 2013

Vermont with Author Nora LeDuc

Ready to visit Vermont? Then we’re off to Burlington. Often called the nation’s smallest city, Burlington Vermont offers a lively time beside the relaxing, beautiful countryside. 

First we head to Battery Park and the yellow school bus parked near the curb. Beansie’s Bus is a permanent structure from April to November and dates back to 1944. Order a hot dog, burger, fries or a creamee  and enjoy your treat from a park bench where you can take in the view of Lake Champlain and the Adirondack Mountains. For those with children, you’ll be happy to learn there is also a playground where the kids can play. Oh, and as you admire the lake, be sure to keep your camera handy in case you have a Champ sighting. Yes, did I mention that the lake has its own myth? My husband assures me that Champ lives and swims in the water and has been sighted by many a Vermonter. 

Once you’re finished your food, head over to the Church Street Marketplace where the streets are closed to motor vehicles. Not ready to visit one of the many restaurants after your hot dot or burger?
No problem, you can sit and people watch. Shoppers and browsers of all ages roam the market, and there’s plenty of outdoor seating for those who want to linger. Besides the eateries, you’ll discover a bounty of shops and tourists mixing with the locals. Of course, you won’t want to leave without a visit to Lake Champlain Chocolates or Ben and Jerry’s Ice Cream, just to name a couple of stores.
When you’re finished at Church Street, take a short walk and visit the UVM Campus. I bet you didn’t know The Huffington Post chose UVM in Burlington as one of the ten best places to go to college. Visitors are Jane.Welcome@uvm.edu  
welcome to explore UVM's campus, recreation and athletic complex on their own or make an appointment.

When night rolls around, you can choose from Trivia, Comedy, or open mike all within a short distance of each other. Tired? There are plenty of hotels in the area. Rest up and enjoy your next day fishing or cruising on the lake. You can take the Ferry and maybe you’ll be lucky and snap a picture of Champ.

Nora LeDuc is author of ten published novels. Her latest and eleventh book, Dead Women Tell No Lies is available at Amazon. You can check out her website and drop her a line at www.noraleduc.com
 Here is a little about her newest,  Dead Women Tell No Lies:

Two months after her disappearance, a young woman's body turns up on a New Hampshire riverbank hundreds of miles from home. Now the murder victim’s identical twin, Rose Blue, tries to use her flawed psychic connection to her sister to solve the tragic case. Homicide
Detective Luke Lennox is skeptical of her abilities and finds the mysterious newcomer a distraction. As the department’s latest hire, he has a lot to prove, and he’s learned from past experiences a personal involvement with Rose will only end in disaster. When a threatening message alerts Rose the murderer dreams of them together, Lennox must stay close to Miss Blue. With the clock ticking and a cunning killer always one step ahead, Luke reluctantly allows her close to him during his investigation. But can he protect her from the danger that lies ahead, or lose his heart and career in this deadly game of doubles?

Nora’s Website: http://www.noraleduc.com Visit here for regular updates of Nora LeDuc work and a fantastic sounding recipe for a Pumpkin Pie milkshake!  
(Pictures provided by Author)


  1. Just the kind of romantic suspense novel I enjoy reading and writing as well! Some years ago my husband and I visited Burlington, stayed at a charming rustic cabin, and ate the best turkey dinner ever at a local restaurant. Love Vermont! Wishing you much success with your novel.

    Jacqueline Seewald

  2. Thank you for your tour of Burlington, VT. Never visited the state but it is on my bucket list. Maybe someday.

    I met and enjoyed following Nora LeDucbook on her recent book blog tour for the release of Dead Women Tell No Lies. Sounds like a great book.

  3. Nora, thank you for the lovely trip to Vermont. I was there when Champ roamed with the dinosaurs, and I thought Vermont was beautiful. Good luck with your books.

  4. I loved Vermont when I visited a few years ago--beautiful Green Mountains, and of course a trip to the B&J factory!

  5. Vermont is probably about as opposite from where I live in No. Arizona as you can get. We've already had a temp of 127.8 this year. I'd love to visit your state one day, and thank you for sharing.
    Marja McGraw

  6. Hi all, thanks for your well wishes for my story. I hope you all get to visit Vermont some day. It's worth the trip.

    Yes, Karen in NC, good to see you again in this small world.

    Fran, too bad you didn't get Champ's picture or you'd be famous now.

    Heidi, you know the important place to go .

    Jacqueline, I hope you make it back to VT soon. That cabin is calling you.

    Marja,Vermont has never hit that high a degree. We're happy the heat wave broke today and is not in the 90s. Stay cool and come to Vermont.

  7. It's been awhile since I've been south of the border, but I've always enjoyed travelling through Vermont.

  8. One of my husband's brothers teaches at U of V, so we've been out there. We enjoyed camping there, with the green mountains reminding us of Wisconsin. I enjoyed thinking I was in a state where most others share my political stance...the state that has Bernie Sanders, long may he rabble-rouse for common sense and the dignity of the common people!

  9. Oh, and you forgot to mention the Champlain chocolates, which said BIL brings when he comes here to visit! Yum!

  10. The three states represented so far are places where I have not spent any time. It's wonderful to read about the locations and then about the authors. We authors are many and varied, as are our stories and locations.


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