February 3, 2013

Enjoying My State—Author June Shaw

Hi, y’all, if I feed you seafood gumbo, and oyster po-boy, and jambalaya can you guess where I’m from?                                    
What if we take you fishing in ribbon-like bayous draped by moss-covered oaks and huge cypress trees?
Or would you prefer deep-sea fishing in the Gulf of Mexico, or water skiing in one of our many lakes?                                                                                     
We could take you to visit lots of plantation homes, where you could enjoy scrumptious dishes and tales of long ago life.
We’d immerse you in Cajun lore and maybe show you an alligator or two. They’re nice here. Just don’t get too close to a mom—if her baby’s beyond you.

We could drive up an hour and a half from my home and sit in Tiger Stadium at LSU  or we’d drive just an hour northeast from where I live and plunge into life in the French Quarter.
Interesting, unique, colorful, picturesque, lively, warm and friendly—these are many of the words used to describe my home in Louisiana. Yes, I live in the southern part in Cajun country. Whether or not you’ve been here before, we do hope y’all will come on down and visit with us. We like to feed and chat with strangers and make them feel right at home.
It’s where I’ve always lived. What a fortunate person I am.   
You can learn more about me and my home and my books at my website, http://www.juneshaw.com  There you’ll also see a picture of me holding a live gator! I do hope you’ll stop by. Please invite a friend. We love company.
(Pictures provided by Author and  Domilise’s New Orleans)

Annette’s Note:  I love this part of the country—have been there many times and its one of my favorite places.  This amazing cuisine, rich history, relaxing bayous and welcoming hospitality are true gems. In Louisiana, though I know no one, I’ve never been a stranger.  If you ever get the opportunity to travel there, go.   Please do stop at June’s Website and investigate.  It’s full of interesting stuff about June and I’m just dying to know why her hubby is dressed as a pig. 


  1. Great post, June. I want to travel the entire Mississippi River and end up in Louisiana! You make it sound wonderful - I could probably do w/o ever seeing the alligator! LOL

    Thanks Annette - great site

    Penny Estelle

  2. Oh yes, a riverboat cruise! That's something I have always wanted to do...maybe some day.

    I haven't spent that much time in your state but what I did see, I loved. I especially love the plantation homes. They're my weakness. Thanks for posting some great pictures.

  3. Great post!! This is one of the few states I have not visited and I after reading this, I know I must visit.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  4. Hi, neighbor,I recently moved from Bayou Corne to Hammond. Boy, I do miss my backyard cypress swamp. Your article really captures the essence of the river parishes. Thanks for making me hungry.

  5. Plenty of enticements for a visit to your state. Surprised you didn't mention all the great music--blues, zydeco, jazz and more. Enjoyed the virtual visit, though.

  6. Penny, come on down! Gators just lie there. They don't bother anyone..... unless you get between a momma and her baby.

  7. Hey, Karen and Debby -- Yes, please do come on down!

  8. Louisiana is a great state--I've loved the visits I've had there! And how appropriate, on Super Bowl Sunday.

  9. Well, Sylvia, come on back -- at least for lots of visits.

  10. jr, you're right. How could I forget to mention our music? Of course there's so much here that's unique, and we see and hear and taste it every day, and often take it for granted.

    And Heidi, you're right. It was so appropriate for my post to come out this weekend. Sure hope y'all enjoyed seeing our state.


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