November 11, 2012

Welcome to Vermont with Nora LeDuc

Welcome to Vermont: the Land of Green Mountains, Lake Champlain, malls and farms. I’m not a native Vermonter, but I’ve a special place in my heart for this state and for one town in particular, Brattleboro.
Brattleboro is a city of approximately 13,000.  I love this place and apparently so do many others.  “Brattleboro Vermont is one of the towns listed in Norm Crampton's Making Your Move to One of America's Best Small Towns and in The 100 Best Art Towns in America, written by John Villani. Recognition doesn’t end there. The Smithsonian Magazine in 2012 named Brattleboro one of the top 20 small towns in America.

Of course, my reasons for loving Brattleboro are personal. It’s the city where I held my first adult job, lived in my first apartment and met my future husband.  No wonder I hold it with such affection in my memories. And it will be one of yours after one visit.
So let‘s go on a visit. Although the town has a historic air, you’ll soon discover an exciting cosmopolitan feel or vibe. Walk down the main street with its Victorian style brick buildings and you’ll discover galleries, antique shops,  the Latchis theater and Sam’s Outdoor Fitters, to name only a few. The last two have been main street fixtures for years. The Latchis houses a 30-room boutique hotel and four theatres, one of which is a grand old movie palace with Greek statuary and hand painted murals depicting Greek mythology.  As for Sam’s, this store started out in 1932 and is still going strong.

Looking for entertainment? You’re never at a loss. Every winter, families look forward to the Winter Carnival. This February will be no exception. My husband and I enjoyed our first date at the Winter Carnival watching the cross skiing.  If downhill is more your speed, head to the ski jump.
The Harris Hill Ski Jumping Competition is a celebrated Brattleboro tradition that dates back to 1922. The two-day tournament brings world-class jumpers from the U.S. and Europe. It is one of the region’s most popular winter sporting events and is the site of 18 national and regional championships.

You may have already guessed the people of Brattleboro are big supporters of the arts. On the first Friday of every month, local artists, galleries and museums exhibit new work and put on performances as part of the traditional Gallery Walk. Even if you don't plan it, your visit will likely coincide with at least one of the many annual festivals in town. There's the Women’s' Film Festival in March, the summer Brattleboro Literary Festival, and the Brattleboro Music Center's Northern Roots Festival in January, which celebrates Northern music. Need more? Did I mention there are at least three bookstores in the downtown? Stop in and browse.

Speaking of books, many of the ones I’ve written contain a personality from this special town. Apparently, mysterious characters are abundant in this state as I write romantic mysteries from my historical Love’s Wicked Jewel to my latest contemporary Staging Murder (release date 11/30/12). I hope you’ll get a copy and enjoy meeting Ava, the home stager. She’s looking for work and helping to solve her step mother’s murder. Of course, a handsome detective just happens to appear on the scene too. Staging Murder is a great holiday treat for everyone. Enjoy.

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  1. Hi,
    I was just up there for a week. I grew up in Whiting. We owned the store on the four corners and got married in the church across the road. Living in the Champlain Valley we saw gorgeous sunrises over the Green Mountains and beautiful sunset over the Adirondaks. I miss it.

  2. I have not spent a lot of time in Vermont. I am adding it to my list for next summer.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. My husband and I were in Stowe a few years ago--what a beautiful area! I thoroughly enjoyed my visit to the picturesque Green Mountains. And of course, the tour of Ben & Jerry's Ice Cream!!

    Staging Murder sounds like a good mystery! I'll have to add it to my TBR list!

  4. A beautiful state. A bit too much winter for my taste, but still a beautiful place. Best of luck with your writing, Nora.

  5. One of my husband's brothers lives out in Burlington since he teaches at the U. of V. We camped when we went out there for his wedding, and the parks were beautiful! We thoroughly enjoyed the camping and will get back there sometime when we have the time to enjoy it without any time constraints. And the Ben and Jerry's ice cream was yummy! But the scenery was outstanding.

  6. Debby, You'll have a great time. Guaranteed.

  7. Heidi,
    did you get to visit the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe? We spent the weekend there once and loved it.

  8. J,
    Thanks, I can see the Green Mountains in my mind. Can't deny the natural beauty of the state. Thanks for the best wishes, I appreciate it.

  9. Hi Fiona,

    I think Ben and Jerry is winning in the comment category. I'll have to be sure to include them next time. Imagine eating their ice cream while you sit in the park at sunset.


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