September 9, 2012

In Support of Oklahoma Writing Professionals-OWFI

As a supporter of organizations that promote the writing profession,
this week, by doing a simple internet search,  I’ve found Oklahoma Writers Federation, Inc.  
The Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. is a non-profit federation of writer's groups dedicated to promoting higher standards for the written word. We believe that the literary profession has come of age and merits a fair share of the critical acclaim so generously lavished on other worthwhile arts. The Oklahoma Writer's Federation, Inc. shall seek to coordinate and encourage professional writing within and without its organization and promote the recognition of outstanding contributions to the written language.
On their site, you’ll find links to all sorts of helpful information and, if you click on the by-laws, you’ll also find that this organization isn’t limited to Oklahoma but also includes surrounding areas. 
Their site is easy to use—something I personally find appealing.  Use the links on the home page to link all sorts of directions. 
If you join the organization and, after reading the benefits of the group, you might, there is a contest beginning soon for authors.  You’ll find that information on the website contest page.  Their blog is also worth a visit.  It’s arranged well. 
(Photos and links from and Google-Oklahoma)

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  1. I hope all the writers in Oklahoma join the organization. It is nice to have support.
    debby236 at gmail dot com


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