January 1, 2012

Ring in the New Year with Alabama through Author Allison Knight’s Eyes

We were so tired of snow and ice, a move south was desired. We began to investigate the southern states. We were boaters and access to a recreational lake had to be the determiner. Low and behold that meant considering Alabama. But Alabama? Surely not. Even our children and friends raised eyebrows. Still, we decided to take a look at this southern state.

All of our preconceived ideas about Alabama were smashed when we crossed over the state line. There with its nose cone pointing toward a blue sky was a mock up of a Saturn rocket. Huntsville, Alabama was home to NASA. In fact we were told that the city of Huntsville had more PhD's that any other city of its size in the US. The facility housed part of the training areas for our astronauts. And this is where it all began.  It seems that Von Braun, who built our first rockets, wanted a place much like his home in Germany and he thought that corner of Alabama fit the bill.

To the east you'll find "Little River Canyon". I've visited the Grand Canyon, flew over the Canyon in Kauai, and gazed at the Royal Gorge, but I never expected to see an awesome canyon in Alabama. Yet there it was, it's deep cliffs making me happy I didn't have a bunch of youngens' to watch. The whole area is also full of spectacular water falls that feed the Canyon.
Further to the south you'll find one of auto racing's major tracks. The famous Talladega raceway is in Alabama. On race day roads all over the state lead to the track and are bumper to bumper with racing fans heading toward the big race.
The south west a corner of Alabama meets the Gulf. The beaches are white crystalline sand and high rise buildings dot the landscape. November through March the condos are filled with senior citizens, referred to here as snow birds, because they come to escape the snow. In the summer vacationers with children arrive to enjoy our beaches and the warm Gulf waters. 
Did you know that Mobile was the site of the first Mardi Gras parades? One of these days I'll include Mobile in a historical romance with one of those parades as part of the story.
Of course, there's football.  Here is Alabama we have two seasons, football season and the rest of the year. If you don't follow college football, you wouldn't know that Auburn was last's year's champion, while Alabama held the title before that. 
Alabama is also where the longest yard sale begins and the state is loaded with wonderful places to shop. 
There's so much about the state, I could write a book, the seafood, the restaurants, the little towns, the wonderful southern biscuits.  So, come on down, y'all. Three of our children moved and now call this state home. Alabama's not what you think.

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  1. Happy New Year. I've always wanted to see Alabama, perhaps I will in 2012. :) Great post.

  2. Alabama sounds so appealing. We are looking to move in a few years. I think I will add Alabama as a state to look at. Thanks so much
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  3. Hi Allison, I didn't know that the people from the North like me head to Alabama for the winter. Everyone I know goes to Florida. Can you give me the name of good places to stay? Thanks for all the info on Alabama football. I guess no one down there is cheering for the Patriots?

  4. Great blog on Alabama, but I must say, my attention kept getting diverted to the great cover of Windsong!

  5. Good review of Alabama. It's a "go-through" state for us, but it's always a fun ride. Love the cover of A TREASURE FOR SARA.

  6. Hi, Allison, Sylvia waving from Louisiana. I lived in Huntsville when they were building the Saturn V rocket. So much excitement in that era. You did a wonderful job describing the state. And your book looks intriguing.

  7. Great tribute to a great state that I'm very familiar with - Nice to see you here, Allison. Jillian

  8. Happy New Year! I've been to Mobile, took the ferry across the bay! Wonderful ride, wonderful state.

  9. Looks like a nice beach.



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