November 6, 2011

Marianne Stephen’s View in Vermont

Vermont. The state’s name conjures up visions of beautiful, scenic autumn views of varied
Fall colors, ski resorts, Maple Syrup, and Vermont cheeses. And, don’t forget the historical significance of the state steeped in its fields, old homes, small towns, and cities.

I never lived in Vermont, but have visited there, including the capital city of Montpelier and toured the downtown area. I loved it so much I told my husband I’d like to retire to an old, Victorian home or quaint colonial house there.

History: Vermont wasn’t one of the 13 Original Colonies since, in 1776, it was still claimed as part of New Hampshire. Independent Vermont was created in 1777. Ethan Allen and others recruited an informal militia – Green Mountain Boys – to protect local interests. Vermonters took part in the American Revolution. Vermont became a state in 1791.

Tourism: Definitely a place to visit for sports such as skiing, lake/trout/ice fishing, snowmobiling, snowboarding. Hunting is also a big attraction. Visiting historical homes, colonial villages, covered bridges from the past, bring many tourists.
Vermont attractions: Two listed, The Vermont Country Store and Vermont Teddy Bears Company are actually stores I’ve shopped in. Missed the Shelburne Vineyards and Magic Hat Brewing Company among others. Be sure to check Vermont by Seasons and Discover Vermont – Recreation and Nature for more details on hunting, skiing, etc.

Our family visited Santa’s Land, a quaint attraction geared toward children. Somehow, while at a playground area, my five-year-old wandered off and caused instant panic for us. We located her with a guard at a sugarhouse guard post and have never forgotten that brush with fear. My daughter just remembers walking away and finding the guard. My husband and I, however, remember anxious minutes of searching for her.

We also visited a few Cheese companies, never refused samples, and bought delightful cheeses. Visit for a guide to Vermont farms/factories/outlets. You’ll love the sights and smell of different varieties of cheeses produced all over the state.

Who can resist the wonderful, sweet taste of Maple Syrup? Vermont is the largest producer of pure maple syrup in the world. Our family visited one of the many Sugarhouses and took a tour. We got to see maple being harvested from trees, watched how the Sugarhouse turned it into various products, had samples, and bought delicious products to bring home. Visit a Maple Sugarhouse:
Maple products include: granulated Maple Sugar for baking, Maple Cream spread, Maple Fudge, varied shaped Maple Sugar Cakes and Hard Maple Sugar Blocks.
Vermont weird stories:
Curse of Brunswick Springs: Ripley's Believe it or Not called it the "Eighth Wonder of the World" in 1984. To Abenaki American Indians, it is a sacred spot with natural healing powers. Any development/business attempted here, fails.
Where is Ethan Allen, controversial Revolutionary War hero, buried? Under the eight-foot statue and the 35-foot granite column at Green Mount Cemetery in Burlington, VT? Excavations done in the area around Allen’s grave, based on the cemetery plot map, and found nothing at all. The truth is nobody really knows, for certain, where Ethan Allen is buried.
Vermont ghosts: Visit
Former funeral home in Fairhaven. New owner lost tenants to ghosts haunting the remodeled embalming building.
Much more can be learned by visiting the sites listed above!
Marianne Stephens writes nonfiction and romance books. Visit her sites:
Photo Credits to: Flickr: Diver Ken, National Garden Clubs, Amy the Nurse, Phoosh, klwatts, and ann-dabney’s photostreams


  1. Vermont is such a beautiful state with so much to offer. Thanks so much for bringing it all back.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

  2. I'm sitting here nibbling on some Vermont white cheddar and enjoying the blog. Thank you for the tour. I've never been but I'm putting this state on my list of places to see, perhaps in the Fall of the year.

  3. I love Vermont. My first real job was there. I met my husband there. I made great friends and it has a vibe different from other states. Thanks for the tour. Best of luck with your book.

  4. I moved out of the state a few years after my husband and I got married. I'm from Whiting and he was from Hubbarton. My mom lives in Cornwall now and I was just up there last month for a week.

  5. So many great places to visit.

  6. Lovely view of a lovely state, especially in fall. You sounded as though you had grown up there, rather than just a visitor. Interesting history, thank you.

  7. I love so much about Vermont. I've visited there several times and found it so picturesque. The towns all look like postcard pictures.
    I really appreciate how you included links to the various points of interest. That was so helpful.
    Wonderful blog.

  8. I'm from south of the border ---Massachusetts. Don't forget Ben & Jerry's! And also it was the first state to ban billboards. And they still have traditional town meetings there (in some towns), where actual governance happens.

  9. Vermont is beautiful. I visited Stowe a few summers ago and loved it!
    Thanks for this glimpse and good luck with your books too!

  10. Debby - yes, it's so beautiful!
    Susan - pass that cheese; you made me hungry!
    Nora - lots of good things happened to you in Vermont!
    Kathy - sounds like you enjoy going "home"!
    jrlindermuth - so many places I didn't have room to mention as great sites to see!
    Fran - I was so impressed with Vermont! Still thinking of retiring there!
    Sarah - now you have some links to check before your next visit to Vermont!
    Burning Questions - town meetings bring back the desire for quaint, small-town living and friendly, cozy American life.
    Heidiwriter - hope you get back to Stowe again soon!

  11. Fun post! Vermont is one of those states I've always wanted to visit. Maybe someday!

  12. Gorgeous state. I hope to visit it some day, Marianne.

  13. Pauline and Sandy - get to Vermont some'll love it! I'd like to tour all the mysterious/weird/haunted placed!

  14. Lori rnlmac@msn.comNovember 11, 2011

    I would love to take a long walk there and see all the fall leaves

  15. Vermont is one of the few states that I haven't visited yet. I'd really like to see it in the fall when it's so colorful.

  16. I had forgotten that Vermont was known for their cheese. Living on the east side of Lake Michigan, when I think cheese, I usually think Wisconsin. I've seen lots of pictures of Vermont & it always looks so beautiful & unspoiled. I've not been that far north on the east coast yet, but hope to someday.

    drainbamaged.gyzmo at


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