March 27, 2011

Second and First Cities – A Tie for Us-K.M. Daughters

Two women share the penname, K.M. Daughters. One author literally lives in two places at the same time: the northern New Jersey suburbs of New York City and the western Illinois suburbs of Chicago. Her affinity for the first and second cities in the U.S. teeter totters between first and second places in her heart, depending on the time of year and/or the setting in one of her romantic suspense novels.

For instance, the first book in the Sullivan Boys series is set in the Chicago area where the Sullivan siblings were born and raised. The second book is primarily set in New York City, hometown of the heroine but it features Chicago scenes. Subsequent installments in the series are entirely set in Illinois. K.M. Daughters loves the Chicago area and the city itself so, in her story telling, she flavors settings and scenarios “a la Chi-town” including sports rivalries.
KMD most loves (coincidentally, so do her characters):
Lou Malnati’s Deep Dish Pizza (And toasted cheddar cubes. And the Malnati salad with fontina cheese and little pieces of salami.) Il Vicinato (Western Avenue) Annual Wine Tasting Dinner, The Melting Pot – the cheese and chocolate fondues – delectable, Lincoln Park Zoo’s Annual Christmas Zoolights – a wondrous fairyland, Da Bears, Cubs, Bulls – win or lose, but the Kathie half is a cheese-head and loves the Packers. The duo, Pat and Kathie team, love the intra-family fan rivalry included with sportsmanship and walking the Illinois Prairie Path together – the birthplace of so many stories.
Maybe Chicago is first in K.M. Daughters’ heart, after all.
Visit with K.M. Daughters at and browse their bio , work and links.
Check out the award-winning novels in the Sullivan Boys romantic suspense series by K.M. Daughters at Against Doctors Orders, Beyond the Code of Conduct, Capturing Karma and All’s Fair in Love and Law.
And, releasing 7/6/11, the fifth and final installment: In the St. Nick of Time.


  1. Love both cities...maybe Chicago a bit more. :)

    Your books sound wonderful - may you have many happy sales. :)

  2. Interesting are you two authors living in different places, or one author living two different lives? A conundrum. I've never been to Chicago or Illinois, but I'm a born and bred New Yorker who lived in NJ too many years. Good luck with your books.

  3. Thank you for hosting us, Annette and hello to Readers - thank you for stopping by. Very winter-like during this Spring Chicago day!

  4. Hi Fran - we are a sister writing team and one of us lives in Illinois - the other in our hometown in NJ. So we're one author with a definite spit personality. Thank you for your kind words. Best -

  5. Hi Tina! Thank you so much. Since I'm the K.M. Daughter who lives in Chicago - I agree! :-)

  6. My daughter lives in Chicago, so I've been there. Fun city!

  7. Thanks for the great post. I'll have to check out your books. I can't imagine writing a book with my sister or any co-author, for that matter. Kudos to you two.

    This is a great blog. I'm learning so much about states I've not visited and authors I'm just discovering.


  8. Hi Pauline - you'll have to say hello the next time you're in the city. Thank you, Linda for the kudos. Great to meet you both!

  9. I admire an author duo like you! I've visited Chicago and New York City and enjoyed them both (but wouldn't want to live there! LOL)

  10. Terrific post on duplicity. :-) Thanks! I used to live in IL about an hour and a half from Chicago. A little too citified for me, but loved visiting museums there.

    Fran Shaff, Award-Winning Author

  11. The Daughters team is awesome! I don't have a sister, but think it would be so neat to have one who shares my love for writing. The collaboration would be priceless. Hats off to the gals, and to you, Annette for creating the Fifty Authors from Fifty States blog tour.


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