March 13, 2011

Family values pave the inspiration for the promising career of Hawaiian Author Jerilyn Ito

Large Ocean waves, surfing, sunny blue skies year round, beaches… These are the images that pop up in most minds when I say that I live in Hawai`i. Yes, this is true. But there are other wonderful experiences in my home state.
Introducing children to our friends or people we meet informally, we have our children call them “aunty” or “uncle”. Before going into a home, we take off our shoes. When visiting or going to a party at a home, we never go empty handed. As a result, we always have too much food to eat. But there sure are a lot of leftovers for everyone!
And speaking of food, there is a multicultural experience our local chefs create for your palate to enjoy. Or maybe you would prefer to experience what us kama`ainas eat. There are a myriad of local concoctions we love. Saimin, spam musubi, shave ice (you may know it as “snow cone”) with flavorings such as ling hing mui, or lychee. And let’s not forget the all popular guava and passion orange juice! As I’m writing this, I’m having a sudden craving. So `ono! Delicious!
I have lived in only one place, Hawai`i, and I can’t imagine living anywhere else. And as you can see, food is one of our main connections to one another and our enjoyment. Our local food is intertwined into my children’s picture book, Finding Our `Ohana. During Lani and Maleko’s magical journey, they enjoy the local foods and find their family. Soon to be released this year is another children’s picture book, Double Rainbow Island, where the Nalo find out that their differences put together can create something wonderful.
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Much Aloha to everyone, Jerylin Ito!

Here’s a personal note from Annette Snyder—I'm thankful the beautiful shores of Hawaii were spared from tradgedy.  I was in Hawaii last summer and EVERYTHING Jerilyn writes about her island is true. From the people to the food, I’ve never felt so welcome by strangers. My favorite food? Poke.


  1. Good post about another beautiful place. I'm glad you mentioned the food. So many people venture to new places and overlook good local eating.
    Why would anyone go to France and eat at McDonald's? If you're going to Hawaii do sample poi and musubi and anything else you can.

  2. I loved Hawaii. And I couldn't help but ask about their love of spam and the various ways they use it. I asked and was told, because of the War (WW II) the natives turned to spam as a staple and it stuck. I hope that info was right. Loved the roasted pig, but not too crazy about the poi. I'm sorry but I still think it tastes like wallpaper paste.

  3. I hvae been to Hawaii twice and my husband lived there as a child. It is so very pretty. I can't wait to go back.

  4. Nora LeDucMarch 14, 2011

    I've never been to Hawaii but when I watch Hawaii Five-Oh, my point of reference, I love the scenery. Your customs are interesting and unique. Sounds like a very loving community. You are very lucky.

  5. i have some pen pals there one of the ladies make the leigh and she
    is so sweet 89 year old and counting she doing ok but her family said some of the family got hit

  6. Hi Jerilyn: Lovely blog about Hawaii. I bought your book for my grandson, Zayden, and when he's a bit older, he'll love learning about Hawaiian culture. His new brother's name is Kai, I read that it means sea in Hawaiian. Our publisher, Randy Young is excited about your next book at Sleepytown Press. /

  7. I've visited Hawaii three times and long to come back--loved it!

  8. A beautiful state! So glad the tsunami didn't do too much damage!


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