January 16, 2011

Arizona --Location Location!

Clear dry high desert air, canyons, cactus, cowboys and casinos and 360 degree mountain views mix that with Frontier fantasy and Wild West ghost towns--the open spaces of Arizona opened up a mountain of creativity for me. Before Arizona, as a librarian, I only wrote bibliographies and computer manuals.
Like many Western states, Arizona is filled with folks from other places. That alone offers the seeds of interesting stories. New places always changed my life story and it works the same for my characters. I’ve lived in 8 states and each had its own personality. As far as I’m concerned, Arizona is perfect.
On a strange visceral level I love to drive down a straight road in sunshine with high mountains on both sides. My special place is a spot at the base of Bell Rock in Sedona where I know I’ve lived before.
Can you tell why I write fantasy?
Bringing interesting characters to Arizona, a foreign environment for them, and seeing what happens in their lives, like in a time travel story, is how I love to write.
In my first novel, Romancing Rebecca, I placed a New York attorney on a plane and sent her to Sedona. The main character is a no-nonsense woman, who’s called the most unromantic woman by her friends and romance author clients. Only in the setting of Sedona could this fish out of water change from her norm to wearing goddess dresses and eating Godiva chocolates, crying at romantic movies. Being surrounded by roses and falling in love with a trance channeler brings her story to life.
Flying Free is set in my own Arizona neighborhood. My airpark community is one of 500 in the U.S. To this aviation addicted community I bring a Texas advertising woman who must learn to fly to restart her life financially and emotionally. Fictional clones of my meddling neighbors aren’t about to let her take care of business and go on her way. Neither is a practicing Buddhist vegetarian pilot who falls for her, a meat industry advertising exec.
Arizona has a little of everything. I feel truly blessed to live in this beautiful place.
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  1. I agree, Amber, Arizona is one beautiful state! Hey, I say we go explore the secret places of Sedona one day ---with a stop off at Starbucks, of course!

    LOVE your books!

    hugs, Kari Thomas, www.authorkari.com

  2. Hi, Amber love the spirit and enthusiasm you put into your blog posts. It tells me you really, really are passionate about your writing, flying,and life in general.
    Your description of your home state is wonderful, very glowing as any good citizen should feel about their surroundings--or they should move. You almost make me want to move to Arizona. (Ignore that statement. My Texas ancestors will come after me from the grave for even voicing such a thought.) I wish you'd had more photos--that's my only complaint.
    I was too late signing up for Annette's 50 states blog, and I'll have to wait a long time to see who took the day.
    Nice to see you around again--Celia

  3. Kari - It's a date. The Starbucks has the greatest view in town.
    Celia - Texas like AZ has a little of everything, AND a beach.

  4. I love the picture with the rainbow colors. I have always heard Arizona was very beautiful. I have never visited the state.

  5. I visited Arizona once and would love to go back. It is so very nice there and has everything you need. I live right now in CT, the 8th state I live in.

  6. I lived in Arizona for a while when I was about 13, went to school there for a while, in Phoenix. I liked it. The weather is better there, than Texas, and everythihg is beautiful except they don't have trees. I miss trees. But my gosh...the thunderstorms? Wow, like electric city.

    Yeah, I could envision even back then the gunslingers walking down the street ready to draw on anyone.

    Great state. gret article and the pictures are terrific. I remember superstition mountain too. Oh the tales that my dad would tell from that!

  7. Amber,

    I had to read this post because I love Arizona. A cousin lives in Chandler and my husband and I have visited him several times. Arizona is so beautiful and also spiritual. Sedona is amazing. We once saw a double rainbow there. I'm trying to convince my husband we should retire to Arizona, the Scottsdale or Fountain Hills area. I'm so jealous you get to live there.

  8. noraleduc.comJanuary 17, 2011

    I love your picture. It has a surreal quality to it. Nora

  9. Thanks, Amber for reviving my memories of Arizona, a state of diversity...from the Sonoran Desert cactus to the Poderosa pines and forests. You did a great job. I agree with you about Sedona. It is a wondrous place. The red rocks and inspirational vortexes are incredible. I miss AZ and sometimes regret leaving the wild beauty of the mountains and desert. Your photo of the rainbow is perfect...AZ has some of the most amazing rainbows and sunsets.
    Good blog!

  10. Glad you like the photo taken from my office. Once I saw a rainbow against a darkened sky. And lightning!

    And there are trees in the north. Even an area in the northeast that looks like the northern Midwest with a few more mountains.

    Even so, summers do get hot. So you stay inside during the hottest part of the day - and write.

  11. Lovely! I love Arizona and plan to retire there! Sunshine, here I come!

  12. I've only been to Arizona once and didn't get to stay but one night. I hope to make it back again soon. It's a beautiful place and ideal setting for stories galore. I'll be checking out your books soon. They sound like my kind of read.

  13. I agree, Amber. Arizona is one of the most beautiful states, as your picture reflects. I've always loved living here.

    Mary Corrales

  14. Great interview, Amber! Yes, we do have some beautiful views here in AZ. =)

  15. If you can life in Arizona, visit and become inspired.

  16. Wow...what pictures you paint with your words, and definitely creativity and enthusiasm. All earmarks of a great author. Thanks for sharing your wonderful state with us...in your post...and in your writing.



  17. I agree on the photo--wild and lovely.

  18. Amber, great post and beautiful photo of a rainbow over the desert with the mountains in the background. Continued good luck with your books!

  19. Thank you for showing us a bit about your state. I traveled through there years ago. While I prefer the Pacific NW, Arizona definitely has its spots of beauty.

  20. My dad has visited your state many times and aspires to move there one day. He's always said that he feels the history there. That no matter where you stand it seems that the past when our country wasn't even realized yet is still reaching out to those visting today.

    I couldn't resist posting for this state.


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