July 30, 2010


As a writer of the Paranormal Romance Genre, I love creating mystical and mysterious places that have the special touch of paranormal. A lot of authors create their own worlds but since all of mine are contemporary settings, I end up searching for places that really exist.  Two of my books, Temptation Unleashed and Her Heart His Soul, both took place in a very mystical location in Arizona called Sedona.  its a beautiful city with amazing scenery, red rocks, ley lines, magical history and spiritual atmosphere.  A person can't visit there without feeling they've been touched by something mysterious.  What better place as setting for Temptation Unleashed-my shape shifter novel involving a family who lived there in harmony with the magic the land offers?  Also, hidden in the Arizona mountains, the best backdrop for a mysterious government controlled lab, is my angel-demon character from my novel Her Heart His Soul.
Where are the mystical places you've visited?  I'd love to hear about them.  Please visit my site for more information on my work.  I've got a contest running right now so please check it out.
Also, any readers who visit my website and let me know their favorite book cover, and why they like it, will be eligible for a PDF copy of my novella, Hold onto the Night
You can contact me through my website or authorkari@yahoo.com
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  1. THANKS for having me here today, Annette!

    hugs, Kari

  2. I agree it's those mystical and mysterious places with a touch of paranormal that draws me in as a reader to that book. As for which of your cover's is my fav and why... well that would have to be Prey For the Wolf. It's my fav because I like how the lover's are in the moon with the wolf at the bottom. I have a soft spot for shifters especially wolves, so this one was the first to really catch my eye.


  3. I've been to Roswell, NM...that's got to be a mysterious place for a story setting!
    Also, cities full of "ghost" sightings, like Topeka, KS, would be someplace for a setting, too.

  4. I stopped by your site and I think Temptation Unleashed is my favorite cover!

    As far as mystical places-- there is a place in Michigan-- it's a Catholic church that has a shrine built from stone. It's huge, and has cave-like entrances that have candles and statues. I don't want to insult anyone- I'm not a religious person as far as going to church, but the shrine really does have a mystical feel to it.

    I also love really old cemetaries:)

  5. Hi Kari,

    As I love and have read all your books I just wanted to give a quick wave, hello.

    Keep writing those sexy shifters.

    Mary, authormaryc.com

  6. Thanks: Yadkny, April, Moonsanity, and Mary! Wow, Some really mystical, kewl places are mentioned! I need to check them all out!

    We have several in my home state of Florida, too, so I guess the whole U.S. is really a great place to research!

    hugs, Kari

  7. Mystical places--old cemeteries like old town San Diego, the cemetery in St. Augustine, Fl (the whole city has a feel like that), the Blarney Castle ruins in Ireland and the forest there, also St. Michens Church in Ireland. The Queen Mary in Long Beach, Ca is another wonder mystical place.

    I could go on. I love old places with history. To me that's what makes the place mystical.

    Love the topic, Kari!

  8. My mystical place would always be a beach. It's so peaceful and calming to me.


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