July 12, 2010

Billie Williams Joins Me July 13th

Billie Williams joins me July 13th on her Blog Book Tour.  Please join me in welcoming Billie and check her work out at her site and her publishers. Many of her books are available at Amazon.com, Whiskey Creek Press and Fictionwise


Annette said...

Welcome Billie. Just wanted to add, that today would have been my Grammie's Birthday. She loved to read.

Word Crafter said...

How cool Annette. Thank you for the wonderful job you did with your blog I feel very privileged to be here. I hope you get a lot of visitors today.
Thanks again,
I'll be around to answer or comment to any of your readers who leave a comment today - catch you later.

Sylvie said...

what an impressive career! Any tips on writing mystery?

Word Crafter said...

Writing the mystery, hmmmm....Just keep asking what if? And every time you think you have the answer ask it again at least seven times until you have dug an inch wide and a mile deep = )
thanks for stopping by.