September 14, 2014

West-WORD Ho! To Oregon

My Oregon post dropped at the last minute and it became a perfect opportunity for me to promote a writers group.  I picked the Portland area for only one reason…one of my imported kids, our incredibly talented Ina, of Germany, is in Portland right now for an internship.  I’ve included the initial picture of her adventure. That’s her great and funny boyfriend- traveling companion in the picture standing on the back of that awesome luxury vehicle--yes that's a mattress on the roof--and I feel more comfortable because he’s  along for the ride.   

Here’s some information on Willamette Writers, based in Portland, Oregon. 

Willamette Writers' goal is to provide and encourage a creative environment and support
system for current and aspiring writers. Since its beginning in 1965, Willamette Writers has provided meeting places for the exchange of ideas and information and has initiated programs designed to help writers increase skills related to the craft of writing. Both published, self-published, screenwriters and aspiring writers are invited to join. Dues are $36 a year. Need help writing a novel? A screenplay? Promoting a self-published novel? This is a good group to join.

Our 'dream' writing house is now ready to welcome you!

Use of the writing house is restricted to Willamette Writers members. Not a member? Join by visiting:   It is fun, educational and costs a little over a weeks worth of lattes.

The house is just a hundred feet from Highway 43 and a short distance from I-205 at 2108 Buck St, West Linn, OR 97068. It is near bus stops in both directions. A little way away, across Highway 43, is a Starbucks, restaurants, grocery store and the lovely West Linn Library.

And an upcoming event:  On Tuesday, September 2nd, at the Old Church in downtown Portland, Willamette Writers welcomes local author Bill Cameron, who will talk with the membership about his approach to character development.

Visit their site to learn more

September 7, 2014

Revisit Oklahoma with Ross Eddy Osborn

Have you ever wondered what one could say that would make you believe they were a flesh ripping werewolf, a fanged tooth, blood sucking vampire, or any such ancient, demon cursed victim? Not much they could say to convince you unless they began to change before your eyes. With this horrifying thought in curious mind, I came up with the shape-changing love story of a beast from another time lost in a new world of love, terror, but the same old rising moon.  Forever Found Forever Lost:
Local doctor is bitten by a werewolf (or so he thinks) and flees his home in Wicca Scotland, by makeshift sailboat, to where Viking legend lends the blessed sun does never sit. Hey, you don’t want to kill or infect anymore innocent souls during your lunar madness, do you?  
Well, the good doctor is found frozen to said sailboat’s wooden tiller, is accidentally thawed out by Alaskan natives, and ravages two famished polar bears that were set to feed on the fleeing Eskimos—who are sure enough superstitious now, having thought the strange sailor from the land of drift wood houses was truly dead….if frozen wide-eyed stiff with the sad frown of a beached whale.
And now, 553 love starved years later, the Eskimo’s demon sawbones will take a commercial jet flight south, unknowingly under the rising moon, to seek out a true moon mate, as well as a substantial medical grant for his anti shock formula, he's been lucky enough to receive funds for from a research center in Greenland.
Talk about a wild ride to hell and back when the beast comes alive at forty thousand feet as two hijackers take over the jet. You’ll understand when Charles Patrick MacHenery sinks his demon claws into one Cajun Beauty, Miss Amada De-la-re.  
My moon beast would take time to visit Oklahoma, if only to partake in famed BBQ ribs and delicious brisket at Leo's Barbecue at the South West corner of 39th and South Kelly, OKC. Strawberry lemonade and glazed over, strawberry desert cake would keep him howling at the moon, day or night.
He might then growl on down to the Cowboy Hall of fame to see exhibits from all over the cowboy world. He might create a little stir at the door, but hey, he paid his nominal admission price.
Y'all come, if you want to see the Okie sights--Rivers, lakes, Down Town Bricktown. We been here for a vacationing while now, too. Howllllllllllll!
Ross Osborn is author of Shape Changing Fiction.  Visit his facebook  to learn more
(All pictures provided by author.  First posted 2011) 

August 31, 2014

Patricia Gligor Brings Us Ohio’s Lighthouses

Fairport Harbor Light
Sister Island Lighthouse
South Bass Island Lighthouse

Lighthouses have guided countless sailors safely to shore on moonless, starless nights and through all kinds of inclement weather. I love the history, mystery and romance of lighthouses and their keepers, told in the stories, which have been passed down through the years.
Toledo Harbor Light
When most people think of lighthouses, they think of the ocean but my home state, Ohio, has over a dozen lighthouses along its northern border that rival any on the coasts. 

Please enjoy this pictorial tour along the shores of Lake Erie and out to the northernmost islands of the state for a sampling of the more than a dozen lighthouses Ohio has to offer.

If you’re a lighthouse enthusiast like me, I hope these photos have enticed you to schedule a visit to Ohio.

Patricia Gligor is a Cincinnati native. She enjoys reading mystery/suspense novels, touring and photographing old houses and traveling. 

Mixed Messages, Unfinished Business and Desperate Deeds, the first three novels in her Malone Mystery series, are available at, and B&N.

(all photos provided by author)